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    Secret Island First Anniversary Mug - by Outl1n3 Island #9

    Trader Tom's description:

    I have 1 of these in my collection.

    Distinguishing characteristics:

    red glaze and small lighter colored spot on left side of head

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    The Cocksmith Executive Double Old Fashioned Black Velvet Glass

    Trader Tom's description:

    I have 1 of these in my collection.

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    Manta Ray Mug - Limited Edition - Blue - by Big Toe - for Wilfred's Lounge

    Trader Tom's description:

    I have two of these, both signed by Big Toe on side of the manta's "wing". One is up for trade...

    Distinguishing characteristics:

    signed by BigToe

    Available to trade

    I have 1 of these for trade.

    Los Angeles, California, United States
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    Wilfred’s Lounge Tiki Mug - Second Edition - Gloss Brown a.k.a. Wilfred's Own Mug - Second Edition

    A tall tiki mug with medium brown glossy glaze from Wilfred’s Lounge in Napa, California.

    This signature tiki was inspired by The Tiki-Jo logo tiki which was carved by Eli Hedley in the late 50s.

    This mug is used to serve their "Batten Down the Hatches" cocktail on their drink menu, which contains rum, pineapple, fassionola, Doc's Spice, lime, and Absinthe.

    Distinguishing characteristics:


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    Sven's Sipper Glass - Second Edition - Gold & Turquoise

    A 4 oz sipping glass, bigger than a normal shot glass but smaller than a loball glass for sipping rum. Features artwork of Sven by Mcbiff.

    The first edition is flesh tone (pinkish beige), red yellow, and black on clear glass. This second edition was issued in a gold, turquoise, and black combination.

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    Maka Koa - Los Angeles Rum Festival & Congress 2022 Edition - Navy Blue - by Tiki Diablo

    Maka Koa was designed and produced by Tiki Diablo. This version of the mug is dark navy blue (appears black in the right light)and marked on reverse for the 2022 first ever Los Angeles Rum Festival & Congress. Bottom is marked for the Tiki Diablo sister company, Tropical Cocktail Mugs. The first edition was first produced in 2002 when Tiki Diablo was going by the name of ChikiTiki. The Tiki is gritting his teeth, and his mouth is open at the sides. His eyes are large and squinting.

    Distinguishing characteristics:

    dark navy blue

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    Ventiki $35 Mai Tai Mug

    Trader Tom's description:

    Wow! I hadn't been here in a while and now they are doing Trader Sam's style dramatic presentations for each drink. Quite the hubub when I ordered this. :)

    Distinguishing characteristics:

    brown glaze

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    Samurai Warrior Mug

    This mug portrays a samurai in full armor with a drawn sword in attack position. The design was produced in both a flat and a glossy brown glaze. The flat glaze version appears in Tiki Quest on page 103.

    Distinguishing characteristics:

    flat/bisque glaze variant

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    Suck 'Em Up! Mai Tai Glass - Light Green & Blue - for Tonga Hut Palm Springs

    Trader Tom's description:

    I have one of these, bought at location during Tiki Caliente 2022.

    Distinguishing characteristics:

    light green/blue/black

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    Kahuna Shogun Tiki Mug - First Edition - Purple - by Sven Kirsten - for Kahuna Tiki & Kahuna Tiki TU

    This mug was designed by Sven Kirsten for Kahuna Tiki and Kahuna Tiki TU. It is a Lono tiki head that incorporates the Samurai "Mempo" facial mask imagery and features a Samurai sword on the reverse stabbing a fish (inspired by vintage OMC Samurai Grog Mugs and also alluding to this being a sushi establishment).

    This mug was released at the Kahuna Tiki TU Marketplace on Saturday, May 28th, 2022. Although the total run ordered was 500, only 250 were delivered by the weekend and, of those, 150 were reserved for the weekend. The remainder were put up for sale after the weekend for $45 each or $55 with any drink on the 40+ long cocktail menu (excluding the Scorpion Bowl).

    Distinguishing characteristics:


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    Potbelly Marquesan - by Woody Miller a.k.a. Pot-Bellied Marquesan

    This Marquesan styled tiki has a round pot-belly and arms that hang apart from the body with hands holding the belly on either side.

    As with many of his mugs, these are each uniquely glazed and detailed, not numbered, but labeled "Woody" on bottom.

    Distinguishing characteristics:

    brown with lava red interior

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    Tiki Caliente 13 Cannibal King - by Doug Horne #13 a.k.a. Tiki Caliente XIII Cannibal King - by Doug Horne

    The Tiki Caliente 13 Cannibal King mug was designed by Doug Horne and made by Eekum Bookum. It was an edition of 250 plus 5 Super Dupers sold at a later date by John Mulder.

    Measures 7.5" by 3.5" and back reads: "Tiki 13 Caliente Palm Springs". Bottom reads: "JM 142 Eekum Bookum Horne" with number in edition.

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    Haka Warrior Tiki Mug - Blue Edition - by Haven Cove Customs

    This is a mug shaped like a full standing Kane/Tiki in haka stance with hands on hips and rippling arm, chest, and back muscles. The mask/tiki head has large circular eyes and a downturned serious haka grimace full of clenched teeth. Large circular Tahitian-style Tiki face tattoo on back. Figure wears only a loincloth.

    Produced in one of several color editions for a 48-hour pre-sale (green, blue, red, gray, etc...) and there were also at least 6 differently-colored Artist Proofs that went up for sale at the same time.

    From Haven Cove Customs:

    "Haka holds roughly 12 ounces. Lava placement will vary with the lava variant."

    Haven Cove Customs has pointed out that while they have produced many mugs with different themes, pirate and otherwise, that are generically referred to as "tiki mugs", that this is their first literal tiki mug release.

    Distinguishing characteristics:

    light blue glaze

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    Trader Sam’s Papua New Guinea Tiki Mug - Brown - Walt Disney World

    Trader Tom's description:

    Gift from Carey & Paulette & family at Kahuna Tiki TU!

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    The Witch Doctor - Blue Stain With Dark Blue Wash - by Derek Yaniger - for Tiki Farm

    This mug is shaped like the head of a cartoonish cross-eyed witch doctor with a bone through his nose and a horned doctor's hat that looks inspired by The Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes from The Flintstones.

    From Tiki Farm:

    "The Doctor is IN! Tiki Farm proudly introduces our newest experiment…'The Witch Doctor' designed for us by long-time Tiki Farm contributing artist, Derek Yaniger!

    At first glance, it seems like just another fun lovin’ tiki mug from Derek and your friends at Tiki Farm, but BEWARE! Legend has it that the evil spirit of The Witch Doctor inhabits every single mug.

    Use caution when mixing potions, creating hexes, and casting spells at your next Tiki gathering, for only the finest mixers and elixirs will appease the angry spirit of The Witch Doctor! Failure to do so could result in some seriously bad mojo! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Fill the good Doctor up with a nicely crafted cocktail and you will be REWARDED!

    On the reverse of our Witch Doctor, you’ll discover a secret voodoo symbol. Teams of archeologists have tried to decipher its meaning, but all have failed. Is it a long-lost Zombie cocktail recipe so powerful that it could change the world forever?!? Perhaps an ancient incantation that if spoken aloud would unlock all the mysteries of the most delicious Mai-tai?!? What is the true meaning of the secret voodoo symbol? Only The Witch Doctor knows!!"

    Distinguishing characteristics:

    light blue

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    2020 Holiday Skull Shot - Green -by Tiki Farm

    Trader Tom's description:

    free xmas gift from Tiki Farm

    Distinguishing characteristics:


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    2020 Holiday Skull Shot - Red - by Tiki Farm

    Trader Tom's description:

    free xmas gift

    Distinguishing characteristics:


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    Sven's Sipper Glass - First Edition - Beige & Red & Yellow

    A 4 oz sipping glass, bigger than a normal shot glass but smaller than a loball glass for sipping rum. Features artwork of Sven by Mcbiff.

    The first edition is flesh tone (pinkish beige), red yellow, and black on clear glass. The second edition was issued in a gold, turquoise, and black combination.

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    WhistlePig Winston Mug a.k.a. Whistle Pig Mascot Mug

    This mug is shaped like a slightly tikified version of Winston the pig, the mascot for WhistlePig whiskey. Winston is a mash-up of the company founder's pet pig, Mortimer and of his personal hero, Winston Churchill. So, it is basically a standing pig dressed like Churchill. Both this mug and the Sugar Shack cocktail below were issued as part of a promotional campaign called "The Summer of Tiki" in summer 2019 but the mug appeared on their Facebook page as early as December 2019. Although created by GeekiTikis, this mug was sold exclusively through WhistlePig's website store and given to marketing people to distribute to bars and other locations.

    Sugar Shack cocktail:

    • 2oz WhistlePig 10yr 100 proof Rye Whiskey
    • .75oz Fresh lemon juice
    • .50oz Blackberry simple syrup
    • .25oz Pimento Dram
    • .25oz WhistlePig Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup
    • 2 dashes WhistlePig Barrel-Aged Maple Bitters Build: Shake and strain over pearl ice Garnish: Star anise and orchid flower
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    Tiki Tolteca Mug

    Trader Tom's description:

    I bought this mug and the matching swizzle together on eBay shortly after hearing the bar was closing to the public except for private event parties.

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    Commemorative Tiki Mug for the Adventurer's Club 100 Year Anniversary #40

    This four-sided mug is trimmed with bamboo edging and features two different tribal tiki masks and two different heat decal panels.

    It is a limited edition commemorative tiki mug for the Adventurer's Club 100 year anniversary. This mug is a collaboration between Ken “KenTiki” Hudson of The Art of KenTiki, David Outline of Outl1n3 Island, and Alec Shumate of Pen and the Sword.

    KenTiki envisioned the overall design, Outl1n3 Island sculpted and produced the mugs, and Pen and the Sword drew two of the 4 side panels which were applied to the mugs as heat decals.

    Admission tickets to their 2021 Fourth Annual Tiki Night banquet came with a mug option. This was a sold-out event. There were only 100 produced.

    Distinguishing characteristics:


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    El Tamboro - by Tiki Diablo #14

    This is a mug shaped like one of the central tiki figures on display in Disneyland's Enchanted Tiki Room -- flanked on either side by monkey tiki drummers.

    It is a large horned figure with a tall central drum held between feet and hands. Brown glaze with red, yellow, and blue details.

    Measures 11" tall and 7 1/2" wide from horn to horn.

    The piece is designed with two chambers -- the top chamber intended for dry ice -- and a couple of the nostril holes allow vapor to escape.

    This was a pre-order that started in January 2020. Long delayed by Covid, these finally were made available at the end of July 2021, with a few initial pickups at Tiki Oasis on July 29th, 2021 and shipping in batches continuing through September 2021.

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    Haunted Mansion Gargoyle Mug - First Edition - by Tim Wollweber - for Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar

    This deep orange version with black wipe was created for Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar. An earlier version in brown was released, exclusive to Club 33 members only, and only 1 per membership.

    Designed after the iconic Gargoyles seen in the Haunted Mansion attraction at DisneyLand, the mug has two battery operated torches designed by Grider.

    From their advertising: "As the sun sets in New Orleans Square, creatures of the night emerge from the shadows. The mysterious 'Flying Foxes', known by the locals as the Souris-Chaude, haunt the trees of the Garden District. These delightfully dreaded creatures dart through the sky, driving the locals absolutely batty. Resting in the portrait gallery of a lonely old mansion, several strange stone Souris-Chaude Gargoyles light the way for visitors through deathly still air with their ever flickering candles."

    Came with "The Stone Watcher" cocktail, featuring several ingredients, including 3-year-old The Real McCoy white rum, green chartreuse, lime juice, pineapple juice, and falernum.

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    Imperial Palace Gui Mug - Green

    A gui is a type of bowl-shaped ancient Chinese ritual vessel used to hold offerings of food, probably mainly grain, for ancestral tombs.

    This version is green.

    There were other gui mugs with handles and in other glaze colors also.

    Distinguishing characteristics:

    teal green

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    Frankie's Tiki Room Bearded Clam Mug White

    This white hiball with painted details was designed by Dirk Vermin and manufactured by Tiki Farm for Frankie's Tiki Room in Las Vegas, NV. The front of the mug features a topless four-armed wahine in a grass skirt holding a drink in one hand, a shrunken head in another hand. A third hand is on her head and the fourth is on her hip. The back of the mug has a tiki with a palm trees coming out of it with skulls where coconuts would normally be.

    *NOTE: Apparently there is also a 19% larger Factory Error version of this mug that is almost identical, just Extra Large.

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    Frankie's Tiki Room Bearded Clam Mug - Pretty In Pink Limited Edition - by Dirk Vermin

    This pink hiball was designed by Dirk Vermin and manufactured by Tiki Farm for Frankie's Tiki Room in Las Vegas, NV. The front of the mug features a topless four-armed wahine in a grass skirt holding a drink in one hand, a shrunken head in another hand. A third hand is on her head and the fourth is on her hip. The back of the mug has a tiki with a palm trees coming out of it with skulls where coconuts would normally be.

    This version was preceded by a brown edition and a white edition with color details.

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    Hawaiian Distillers Glass Okolehao Bottle

    Trader Tom's description:

    I have 1 of these in my collection (full with unbroken seal on top).

    Distinguishing characteristics:

    This bottle is full with an unbroken seal. The Okolehao at this time is likely to have been a light blended Kentucky whiskey flavored with Ti Root or other flavorings.

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    Zombie King - First Edition - Beige with Brown Wipe - by Doug Horne - for Strong Water Anaheim

    Trader Tom's description:

    I have one of these in my collection. Signed by Doug. Also have "The Zombie King of Balacombe" short story that came with the mug.

    Distinguishing characteristics:

    signed by Doug Horne

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    Hale Pūkaua MOTU Three-Piece Mug Set - First Edition - Green with Antiqued Gold Accents - by STARR TIKI #36 a.k.a. Castle Grayskull Mug Set

    Trader Tom's description:

    I have one of these in my collection (actually it is Trader Joe's -- my son's 2020 Christmas present).

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    Ilikai Hotel Tonga Mug Brown

    This minimalist mug was manufactured for Ilikai Hotel in Hawaii. It is a simple curved cylinder with protruding eyes, nose and mouth. It greatly resembles the "Tonga" mugs made by Polynesian Pottery. It was used to serve the “Okole Maluna” cocktail at the Ilikai’s Pier 7 coffee house/restaurant. The Ilikai Hotel & Luxury Suites is a landmark oceanfront high rise hotel and condominium at the western end of Waikiki in Honolulu, Hawaii. When it opened in 1964, the Ilikai was the first luxury high rise hotel in Hawaii. This mug was likely issued at opening or shortly thereafter.

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    Sven Kirsten's The Book of Tiki 20th Anniversary Tiki Mug - Amber Edition by SHAG a.k.a. Sven's Mr. Cannibal Mug Amber

    This SHAG designed mug features a cannibal style tiki holding a copy of the Book of Tiki and taking a big bite out of the top of it. This is the third edition in amber.

    There are three color ways of this design whose release was planned as follows:

    PHASE 1: the launch, with 100 limited BLUE edition mugs, numbered and certified by Sven and Shag, for $150 a mug, sold at the Original Tiki Marketplace on September 12th, 2020. Numbers 1/100 to 5/100 were held back and put up on e-Bay for auction.

    PHASE 2: the next phase, with a 100 limited RED glaze edition in conjunction with a matching Shag print, available at the SHAG STORE for $250 each.

    PHASE 3: the last phase, with a 1,000 piece AMBER glaze edition from Tiki Farm, for $75 per mug.

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    APE Fez Wearing Monkey Custom Mug #59

    Trader Tom's description:

    Yay! Won this in a raffle.

    Distinguishing characteristics:

    1/1, #59 -- October 2019 -- Custom indigo blue glazed fez with gold won at auction for the band, Ape.

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    LaTour Hawaii Ku Scorpion Bowl a.k.a. LaTour Style Hawaii Ku Scorpion Bowl

    Trader Tom's description:

    Brown & Green mottled.

    Distinguishing characteristics:

    Brown & Green mottled. Hand built bowl is a bit crooked. Marked "LaTour Hawaii" on bottom.

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    Pomoaika'i Chalice - First Edition - Brown - for Trader Vic's

    Trader Tom's description:

    I have a feeling this was manufactured by Tiki Farm even though it is not marked as such...need to confirm but Trader Vic's often demands makers not mark their wares anything but "Trader Vic's" similar to how Disneyland insists that only its logo be displayed. Seems to be a corporate branding demand for many...

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    Luika Ku Salt & Pepper Shakers

    Trader Tom's description:

    I have a set of both the salt and pepper shakers in aqua blue. Great shape except the corks on the bottom are getting old and crumbly.

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    Hawaiian Petroglyph Fog Cutter Drum Mug - Brown & Yellow - by HB Things Hawaii

    This is a fog cutter shaped mug with a Hawaiian drum look to it that is encircled with Hawaiian petroglyph images. It is also marked "HB Things Hawaii" on the bottom. Polynesian Pottery created a version as well with their marking of the double P. It’s likely that Adele Davis (who sold PP to Daga), had extra molds (so she could pour more than one at a time) and since she continued to make mugs and teach it's also likely that HB Things Hawaii obtained one of the molds as well. The Polynesian Pottery version of the mug is pictured on the cover of Waikiki Tiki by Phillip S. Roberts.

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    Forbidden Sub - by Doug Horne for Forbidden Island

    The Forbidden Sub mug depicts a gray submarine lifted out of the churning ocean depths by a huge orange tentacle. Labeled with the “Forbidden Island” logo on one side, this mug measures 8″ wide by 4″ tall and has a capacity of 18-20 oz. A recipe card for a cocktail named "Infinite Coastline" is included with the mug. The mug went on sale Monday, September 7th, at 12:00pm PST and was limited to two mugs per person. Limited to a run of 500 pieces.

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    Pahupahu Volcano Bowl - Brown - by Tiki Farm - for Clifton's Pacific Seas a.k.a. Clifton's Pacific Seas Scorpion Bowl

    Trader Tom's description:

    I have 3 of these in my collection.

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    Terra Ceramics Three Tiki Scorpion Bowl a.k.a. Terra Ceramics Menehune Bowl

    This brown bowl with a matte finish and glossy interior has three round-headed tikis supporting a round bowl. It was manufactured by Terra Ceramics. An identical version was created and marked for the Kahala Hilton in Waikiki but this version is not.

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    Target Just Peachy Candle Holder

    Trader Tom's description:

    June 2006 line of Target ceramic tiki mug candleholders. Set of three packaged with a ceramic leaf plate to be used as a centerpiece. This one is "Just Peachy" fragrance.

    Distinguishing characteristics:

    Marketed as Candleholder/ Candle Poured Into Mug

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    Rum Cat Mug #135 a.k.a. Hooch the Cat Rum Crate

    Trader Tom's description:

    Signed by Doug on bottom and came with card detailing story of Hooch.

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    Spurlin Island Chief Scorpion Bowl a.k.a. Los Angeles Islander Island Chief Scorpion Bowl, Los Angeles Islander Husband Killer Scorpion Bowl

    Trader Tom's description:

    *Spotted one on eBay with a glaze like mine went for $327 on July 23, 2022 at https://www.ebay.com/itm/195222014046?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2047675.l2557&autorefresh=true&nma=true&si=iWpKt0CZs8NY86qFURBWvQqjxsY%253D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc

    This auction must not have gone through or the buyer didn't pay because it was soon re-listed to end on July 30th, at which time it sold for $242.50, at https://www.ebay.com/itm/195238569688?mkpid=0&emsid=e11010.m1951.l7534&mkcid=7&ch=osgood&euid=e3399f61a907408b965a9be422820c23&bu=43458458651&ut=RU&exe=101967&ext=239905&osub=-1%7E1&crd=20220729205611&segname=11010&nma=true&si=YqAo%252Ba9e%252BcBb0yKZfxiJZzuBoec%253D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557.

    *A separate auction on eBay with a glaze like mine went for $222.50 on July 29th, 2022 and it was listed weird under Home & Garden at https://www.ebay.com/itm/363918205719?mkpid=0&emsid=e11010.m1951.l7534&mkcid=7&ch=osgood&euid=608d6794d033470bb0fe2ac99d98b2b8&bu=43458458651&ut=RU&exe=101967&ext=239905&osub=-1%7E1&crd=20220729112103&segname=11010&nma=true&si=YqAo%252Ba9e%252BcBb0yKZfxiJZzuBoec%253D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557

    Distinguishing characteristics:

    This glaze is very speckled and not what I think of as the typical yellow and rust Spurlin glaze but I have seen other examples with this same glaze.

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    Terror Tiki - Limited Halloween Edition #50

    Trader Tom's description:

    This is part of my son Joseph's collection as he had long admired the original Tikis & Terrors edition by Squid in my collection.

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    Inferno Room Papua New Guinea Drum Mug

    This handled drum mug is decorated with Papua New Guinea Mask designs and is marked for the Inferno Room in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Inferno Room opened on September 11th, 2018.

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    The Connoisseur

    This crazy-eyed, tongue-wagging Tiki finds himself emerging out of a barrel of rum in a state of what appears to be rum-induced bliss! Glazed in an iron brown oxide matte glaze.

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    The King Tiki Mug a.k.a. King Kong With Tiki

    This mug is Tiki Farm's first-ever open edition collaboration with Anthony Carpenter. The King gets its inspiration from the historical, original “King Kong” motion picture. It features a grimacing Kong in aloha shirt and lei cradling a large tiki. The reverse features Fay Wray with a cocktail and a fedora-sporting skull island mountain. Glazed in a wipe brown glaze for an overall brownish beige color and with clear overglaze.

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    Formosa Red Pagoda Mug

    Trader Tom's description:

    Signed on bottom.

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    Formosa Dragon & Pagoda Mug

    Trader Tom's description:

    Purchased at the Formosa on March 1st, 2020 for my son, Joseph. I was there for the Tiki Diablo Red Pagoda mug release but Joseph wanted a mug too, so he and the rest of the family sat at a corner booth and he enjoyed a virgin pina colada out of this mug.