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Tiki Mug Design

Tropical Thunder Express Set Lono - First Edition - Blue - by Pooch - for Tiki Farm

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This set of 4 mugs were inspired by Pooch's painting (and print) entitled "The Rum Ride" (2021).

From Tiki Farm:

"Tiki Farm proudly presents the Tropical Thunder Express!

WELCOME ABOARD!... 'Tropical Thunder Express' is located in the Pooch Island Sector!

Tiki Farm brings you four (4) awesome Tiki Mugs designed by Pooch and manufactured by yours truly! A gray Moai, a blue Lono, a green Marquesan and an orange Ku. The four basic food groups of Tiki!

And they all come together in a specially designed box featuring Pooch's wild art! Tropical Thunder Express is the perfect gift for any Tiki aficionado and an even better gift for someone who needs to discover the world of Tiki!

PLEASE NOTE: These mugs are sold only as a set. They are NOT sold separately. And they all come in the box!"