Manta Ray Mug - Limited Edition - Blue - by Big Toe - for Wilfred's Lounge

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I have two of these, both signed by Big Toe on side of the manta's "wing". One is up for trade...

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signed by BigToe

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I have 1 of these for trade.

Los Angeles, California, United States

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Big Toe
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Wilfred's Lounge

This manta ray mug was designed by Big Toe, concept by Doc Parks, and was released 10/09/2022 at a mug release with extras made available online on the Wilfred's site afterwards.

It is shaped like a manta perched on top of a coral reef and other sea life is also featured on the mug, circling the reef, including "Squinty" the one-eyed octopus, an eel, and several tropical fish.

The manta has a 7" span but the vessel itself measures 3.5" across at bottom.

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11 Oct 2022
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12 Oct 2022
Trader Tom
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