Rum Cat Mug #135

a.k.a. Hooch the Cat Rum Crate

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Signed by Doug on bottom and came with card detailing story of Hooch.

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Rum Cat Mug a.k.a. Hooch the Cat Rum Crate - in 3 collections

Doug Horne
Eekum Bookum

Hooch the Cat lounges in an empty rum shipping crate, a small Shriners' fez perched atop his head above sleepy eyes. Artist Doug Horne claims the mug is based on the urban legend of 'Hooch', a cat that frequented the shipyards (and bars) of Long Beach Harbor, CA during the World War 2; one with a taste for the rum frequently spilled by drunken sailors and dock workers. The cat is matte orange with a glossy red fez sitting in a matte brown crate, a light black wash picks out the details of the sculpt. The ends of the crate are adorned with labels for 'Rum Cat' aged rum.

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13 Jul 2020
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13 Jul 2020
Trader Tom
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