Backwater Tiki Mug - Red & Brown Edition - by Big Toe - for The Inferno Room

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This was listed as $130 but with taxes and charges came to $140, not including shipping.

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Number 7 sold of initial 20, but not a numbered edition.

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Big Toe
The Inferno Room

This unique Papua New Guinea inspired mug features hypnotic spiral eyes, downward pointing boar tusks piercing the nose, a long extended tongue, tripod base, and pierced ears with twine wrappings hand-tied through the holes.

This design was created by Big Toe, manufactured by Munktiki Imports, and made for The Inferno Room in Indianapolis, Indiana.

It was released in a Red & Brown Edition and a Yellow & Black edition.

Big Toe did an advance pre-release at Exotikon in Los Angeles on June 24th, 2023 of both color-ways (only 10 of each).

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26 Jun 2023
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26 Jun 2023
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