Secret Island First Anniversary Mug - by Outl1n3 Island #9

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I have 1 of these in my collection.

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red glaze and small lighter colored spot on left side of head

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David Outline
Outl1n3 Island
Secret Island

This classic standing tiki mug with coffee bean shaped eyes and figure eight shaped grimace was created by Outline Island (David Outline) for Secret Island's First Year Anniversary celebrated at end of September 2022 - beginning of October 2022. The majority of mugs were delivered to the location on 10/23/2022 for Secret Island's Haunted Hulaween Marketplace event.

Glazed in red, and limited to only 100 pieces in total, these were sold on location with choice of a free Mai Tai or Pele's Fire cocktail with purchase.

As ceramicists know, red glaze can be difficult. These had to be fired with red glaze twice and many of them have some interesting fade/oxidation around the edges which adds a nice antiqued look.

There were some Artist Proof variants as well as a "Pele Mini Edition" with a spiky head-crest that could be removed.

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25 Oct 2022
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25 Oct 2022
Trader Tom
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