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Shout out!

TraderTom has been donating his time for years, working tirelessly curating the tiki mug catalog.

He wrote a book, it's great. You should buy it on Amazon.

About aims to be a catalog of everything tiki. Think of it as a tiki search engine!

It was created in response to major outages of two beloved sites (tiki mugs) & (forum).

These sites have been instrumental in educating those new to tiki. They were amazing resources that contained so much valuable tiki knowledge. Unfortunately given the age of the sites and their underlying software it's become apparent that there is a high risk of going away and their knowledge being lost.

We want to build on what they achieved; organising more than just mugs and information scattered through forums into a searchable database full of user contributions.

Where did you get your data?

Like any search engine we've parsed 1000's of pages, added them to our DB and hand curated them. We've collected data from:

In all cases where content has been crawled from other sites we link back to the original source with attribution.

I've still got questions

Great… contact us and we'll get back to you!

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  1. Tiki Mugs 12749 mugs, bowls, & glassware
  2. Swizzle Sticks 1469 swizzle sticks, picks & spoons
  3. Creators 681 designers, makers & artists
  4. Collectors 3780 collectors
  5. Commercial Tiki Bars 1488 commercial bars
  6. Home Tiki Bars 230 200+ inspirational private paradises, basement bars, grottos, & garages; with photos.
  7. Other Collectibles 174 pendants, pins, carvings & curiosities
  8. Tiki Mugs (Collector) 81734
  9. Books & Magazines Building Database…
  10. Music Building Database…
  11. Podcasts & Vodcasts Building Database…