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Silverlake Tiki Island

Los Angeles, California, United States

This is the home tiki bar and residence of Sven Kirsten (Author of The Book of Tiki and other works), overlooking the Silverlake reservoir in the center of Los Angeles.

Rather than a single room, Sven's entire house is a dedicated museum to Tiki. From the Leroy Schmaltz Moai carving in his front yard, to the dozens of swag lamps on his front porch, Witco furnishings, Spanish Tiki Mug collection, and original artworks spread throughout his home -- Sven has truly created a tropical oasis in the heart of Los Angeles.


Los Angeles, California, United States


1 Visit

Trader Tom – Date: Unknown

Visited here on at least a couple of occasions for "Traveling Rumpus Room" parties. Great home bar and fantastic host!