Hawaiian Punch Village - Sea World - San Diego

San Diego, California, United States

Hawaiian Punch Village was an area tucked into the back of SeaWorld in San Diego — SeaWorld used to have lots of Polynesian theming, but it’s sadly gone now. (One of SeaWorld’s creators, George Millay, also owned The Reef, a Polynesian restaurant in Long Beach.)

SeaWorld San Diego opened in 1964 and the Village appears to have been original to the park. It was gone by the end of the 80s, however.

Hawaiian Punch Village featured Punchy's animatronic band and a Hawaiian Punch Restaurant where you could order a Hawaiian Rum Cooler if you were an adult.

Apparently there were other similar Hawaiian Punch Villages located in the SeaWorlds at Aurora, OH and Orlando, FL as well.

San Diego, California, United States
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