The Hut

Yucaipa, California, United States

The Hut is the home tiki bar of Erich Troudt. The construction for the Hut was started in 2012, and the inside was completed in 2016. The Hut is in a freestanding 16' x 20' building in the backyard of Troudt's home. It is filled with lauhala matting, tapa, bamboo, and custom wood trim around the walls and doors, carved by Troudt himself. The hut houses a collection of over 300 mostly vintage mugs, 200+ Coco Joe's, Witco pieces, matchbooks, tourist tiki pieces and historical nautical pieces.

It has a Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room corner, bamboo furniture, barrels, fishnets, glass floats and many tikis, including a 7-foot-tall Maori piece from Jungle and Sea Imports, and an 8-foot-tall Papua New Guinea statue. Many of the tikis, shelf supports and other pieces were carved by Troudt's father. All the modern amenities such as wifi, television, audio/visual equipment, and a refrigerator are present but hidden.

The outside is currently under construction. Next to the hut is a lean-to with a "trading post" feel, featuring a cannon, lava rock, a large moai, ship lamps, nautical pieces and barrels. There will soon be a dock, a crashed boat, and more lava rock.

Erich Troudt
Yucaipa, California, United States
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Erich Troudt
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