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    Paul Marshall Products Cracked Coconut Mug a.k.a. PMP Cracked Coconut Mug

    This coconut mug is shaped like a half coconut, that has a cracked-edge appearance, with the brown husk broken away around the edge to expose white coconut meat. Brown exterior, white interior. Marked "PMP".

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    Suffering Bastard Decanter a.k.a. Trader Vic's Mai Tai Joe

    This mug is commonly called the Suffering Bastard, though it was marketed as Mai Tai Joe. Trader Vic's sold these in sets, this decanter with a set of four matching mugs.

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    PMP Bamboo Mug Beige

    This bamboo shaped mug is beige. It was manufactured by PMP and reads "61' Design PMP" on the bottom.

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    American Hawaiian Cruises Tiki a.k.a. American Hawaiian Cruises Lono

    One in a series of unusual mugs created for American Hawaiian Cruises. Yellow, shaped like a Lono-like tiki, with a gridded, multicolor headdress that looks not unlike Indian corn. Marked "American Hawaiian Cruises" in black near base on front.

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    Trader Vic's Samoan Fogcutter

    Thsi fogcutter was manufactured by Vernon Kilns for the Honolulu Trader Vic's. It has a brown top and bottom rim and features a topless hula girl on each side. Each girl has dark hair and a red lei. One is dancing, and the other appears to be picking fruit from a tree.

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    Frankoma T-10 a.k.a. Large Clam Shell Bowl

    This large clam shell was produced by Frankoma, and is labelled "Frankoma T-10" on the bottom. Made with various glaze colors on red clay.

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    Frankoma T-9 a.k.a. Small Clam Shell Bowl

    This small clam shell was produced by Frankoma, and is marked "Frankoma T-9" on the bottom. Desert sand glaze on red clay.

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    Frankoma T-8 Ashtray Brown a.k.a. Frankoma Fish Ashtray

    This brown fish shaped ashtray was produced by Frankoma Pottery. It has a protruding eyeball and is smiling and has bone-like indentations along a raised spine.

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    Steve Crane Coconut Mug

    This very realistic, double-walled coconut mug was designed by Steve Crane Associates. It has a brown exterior and a white interior depicting the flesh of the coconut.

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    Black Tot Day Rum Tub - Bayside Brass by VanTiki - Smuggler's Cove Edition

    To commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Black Tot Day, Smugglers Cove worked with Vantiki to produce three highly detailed versions of the legendary rum tub with complex and unique glazes that celebrate life at sea.

    Each bar’s edition of the mug has a unique glaze and the bar’s logo on the base. Every mug includes a set of four historic image postcards commemorating Black Tot Day, as well as a custom “bill of lading” decal.

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    The Collector a.k.a. PNG Chippy

    Mug created for the Tiki Collectors Facebook group. It is a papua New Guinea design tiki holding a small Tiki Bob mug in front, marked with "TC" on lower rim.

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    Pau Hana Honu

    A mug shaped like a sea turtle drinking out of a Tiki Bob mug.

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    Steve Crane Tongue Tiki Mug

    This mug was created for the Steve Crane restaurants by Gabe Florian. The mug is off-white, brown, blue and orange-brown, with a pink tongue sticking out. Mug is shaped like a rounded head, eyes are bright blue. Handle on back.

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    Steve Crane Mask/War Club Mug

    This mug is a hiball shape with a brown base and white interior, with painted details. Depicts tiki masks, spears and other weaponry, and has a war club for a handle. From the Luau restaurant in Beverly Hills, and also the Kon-Tiki chain.

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    Steve's Rum Barrel a.k.a. Luau Rum Barrel, Kon Tiki Rum Barrel

    This rum barrel was created for Steve Crane and Associates, and was used at their locations, including the Luau in Beverly Hills and the Kon Tiki chain of restaurants. It is upright, brown with black bands, and has "Steve's Rum Barrel" on the front in white.

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    Suffering Bastard a.k.a. Trader Vic's Mai Tai Joe

    This mug is commonly called the Suffering Bastard, though it was marketed as Mai Tai Joe. Trader Vic's sold these in sets with a matching decanter. Not to be confused with the modern-day reproduction by Tiki Farm, which has a black interior. Measures: 6.25"H X 3.75"W X 3.75"D.

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    Suffering Bastard 2015 Edition Satin Black a.k.a. Trader Vic's Mai Tai Joe 2015 Edition Satin Black

    This mug is commonly called the Suffering Bastard, though it was originally marketed as Mai Tai Joe. Trader Vic's originally sold these in sets with a matching decanter. Later, modern-day reproductions were also made by Tiki Farm, which have a black interior. This version was made in 2015 for Trader Vic's and manufactured in Thailand.

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    The Big Sea Serpent #19

    Jay's description:

    For Trade See Captfalernum's Wishlist Express Interest

    Distinguishing characteristics:

    Deep Sea Blue

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    The Big Sea Serpent #3

    The Big Sea Serpent was conceived by the design duo of Eric Rindal and Jon Ritt, two life-long friends of Crazy Al who are enamored with the Life Aquatic. Al was asked to develop and create a "tiki-mug" evoking the majestic and legendary Sea Serpent from the maps of pioneering mariners. This three-piece, lidded ceramic vessel set measures: Head (16 oz) 7.75” X 4.5” X 5” tall , Body (16 oz) 8.25” X 2.75” X 6” tall, Tail (3 oz) 2.75” X 2.25” X 7.2” tall. Holds 35 oz between all three pieces. This design comes in several color-ways, usually in unique one-offs or extremely limited small batch editions.

    Distinguishing characteristics:

    Edition #3, 3 of 4

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    The Islanders Bamboo Mug Hiball

    This tall bamboo-shaped mug was a promotional item from the MGM TV show "The Islanders" which ran from 1960 to 1961.

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    Tiki Bob Mug with Lei

    This is lei version of the logo tiki mug for Tiki Bob's in San Francisco. Marked "Tiki Bob's San Francisco" in black on back inside a yellow lei. Serenely happy and simple tiki face in white against a rich brown pole backdrop, with black painted mouth and eye details.

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    Tiki Diablo Masks Glass In 22 Karat Gold a.k.a. Tiki Diablo Double Old Fashioned Masks Glass In 22 Karat Gold

    Jay's description:

    Price includes shipping

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    Tiki Leilani Mug

    Ku design in the classic "Tiki Leilani" shape. Possibly manufactured by Orchids of Hawaii. Pale brown color. Marked "Tiki Leilani" on front base.

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    Tiki tOny Hornbill

    This hornbill mug has sleepy eyes, and a striped beak. Comes in a variety of 3 glaze combinations, including orange & blue, blue & white, and blue & green.

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    Tiki-Ti Ray's Mistake Mug a.k.a. Tiki-Ti House Mug

    This is the house mug for the Tiki-Ti shaped like a cylindrical mug but resembling the building itself. It is a little replica of the place...the original front door...and Ray, peeking out of a window covered in Tapa cloth and giving a "shaka" sign. Primarily brown, but includes tan, yellow, and black as well. Red interior. Released in limited edition on Friday, January 6th, 2017. The "Ray's Mistake" cocktail originated in 1968 and is named after Ray Buhen. It is a super secret formula known to contain Passion Fruit and Coruba Rum, among various other exotic flavors.

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    Tonga Room Double Coconut Mug

    This coconut mug is made of two coconut halves, the bottom one face down, and the top one face up to create the cup. Brown exterior and white interior, marked "Tonga Room", "Fairmont Hotel" and "San Francisco" in black on side.

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    Trader Dick's OMC Moai Medium

    This moai was produced by Otagiri Mercantile Co for Trader Dick's in Sparks Nevada. Moai is brown and looks fairly true to the Rapa Nui moai. White area near bottom at back is marked "Trader Dick's Sparks Nevada" and the bottom is marked "Made exclusively for John Ascuaga's Nugget Reno Area's Largest".

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    Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar Hitchhiking Ghosts Tiki Mug Black a.k.a. Disneyland's Haunted Mansion Hitchhiking Ghosts Stacker Mug First Edition

    This mug was specially produced for the Halloween 2016 season. The mug depicts the three hitchhiking ghosts from Disneyland's Haunted Mansion in a stacked tiki totem design - Ezra (the skeleton), Phineas (the traveler), and Guss (the prisoner), complete with his ball and chain. It has a hand-wiped black finish over a natural glaze. There appear to be at least two slight variants, one with more of a brownish black glaze and one with a more brown glaze. This first edition was produced in a limited edition of 2500 pieces. A 2017 second edition was produced in a green wipe glaze. There is also a 2016 blue version and a 2017 red version that was produced for Trader Sam's Grog Grotto in Florida.

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    Trader Sam's Shrunken Zombie Head Mug - Second Edition

    This is a mug shaped like a shrunken zombie head with black stitches on eyes & mouth. Wipe-away green glaze finish that leaves green detailing but white on high points. Orange interior and bottom. Designed by Tim Wollweber. Used to serve the Shrunken Zombie Head cocktail on the Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar menu, made with "reserve and aged rums, tropical juices, falernum and cinnamon".

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    Trader Vic's Coffee Grog Mug Short Headdress

    This all-black gloss handled mug is of a woman's head, with squinted eyes, wearing a collar and a short headdress. Another version is satin, more detailed, and has a taller headdress.

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    Trader Vic's Honi Honi Vintage

    This mug is a vintage Trader Vic's item, and has a distinctive shape: straight sides on a ceramic loball come down to a jutted lip around the base. The sides are painted with colorful scenes of a man chasing (and eventually catching) a woman. There is also a modern reproduction by Tiki Farm that has a totally glazed bottom, the bottom on the vintage version is unglazed.

    Distinguishing characteristics:

    Heavy crazing and what looks like a repaired crack

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    Trader Vic's Nautilus Shell Bowl 2015 Edition

    This bowl is a faithful representation of a nautilus and is primarily white but has some brown striping. There are many similar nautilus bowls, but this one can be differentiated by the 2015 stamping underneath. Measures: 6 1/4" long x 3" deep x 5" tall.

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    Trader Vic's Pointed Jaw Skull Mug a.k.a. Trader Vic's Tepco Skull Mug

    This skull mug was created for Trader Vic's by Tepco. It has a very pointed chin, and a hollow area behind the face, with holes for eyes, nose, and three teeth. Bottom is marked in black with a circle, inside says "Specially Made for Trader Vic's".

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    Trader Vic's Voodoo Grog Glass a.k.a. Voodoo Tumbler

    This glass was used at Trader Vic's to serve the Voodoo Grog. Glass is pale translucent blue, with gold painted tiki masks in relief around the sides, and gold rings around the base.

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    Tupaupau Book Release Bowl #14

    Jay's description:

    Great piece, created by a great guy for a great event!

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    Unmarked Moai Mug Dashed a.k.a. Orchids of Hawaii R-72 Lookalike

    Stylized moai design, forest green color, with coffee-bean-like eyes. Vertical "dashes" are indented into the mug all over. Similar to Orchids of Hawaii design R-72.

    Distinguishing characteristics:

    Japan on bottom

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    VanTiki Ika Ika Pumpkin Spice

    Jay's description:

    For Trade See Captfalernum's Wishlist Express Interest

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    VanTiki Octo Mug a.k.a. VanTiki Octopus Mug

    This is a mug shaped like an octopus. It is an open edition and comes in a variety of glaze colors. The "First Catch" of this edition all have cold painted eyes.

    Distinguishing characteristics:

    Blue w/ Silver Eyes

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    Wave Mug For Three Dots and a Dash

    This is a mug shaped like a cresting wave. The back reads: "Three Dots and a Dash, Chicago, IL." Used to serve their original cocktail, the Surf Report, described as a blend of gin, cucumber, anisette, and mint flavors. Manufactured by Munktiki Imports. Designed by Darick Maasen and sculpted by Kosart Studios.

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    Zombie Lobotomy Mug Bluish Gray Wave 2

    Jay's description:

    Scouting parties report this wave sports a bluish-grey pallor with fiery orange eyes. The “head count” for Wave 2 is 80 mugs.

    Distinguishing characteristics:

    Zombie Lobotomy Mug bluish-grey Wave 2

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    2019 Adrift Tiki Mug Red

    This is a hiball with an image of a pineapple topped Tiki head on either side. Between each head "Adrift" is vertically written down one side and "Denver" vertically down the other. Red glaze. Marked "Poptiki" on bottom.

    Distinguishing characteristics:

    2019 Adrift Tiki Mug Red

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    Adventureland Shield Tumbler Green a.k.a. Enchanted Tiki Room Shield Tumbler Green

    An avocado green tumbler with several long Papua New Guinea style shields along the sides.

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    Aku Aku Ku Tiki Mug a.k.a. OMC Ku Tiki Mug

    This Ku mug is unglazed tan, with a brown glazed rim and interior. Back is marked "Aku Aku" in vertical letters down back, in black. The Aku Aku was a Polynesian restaurant inside the Stardust casino, at the north end of the Las Vegas strip. The restaurant opened in 1960, and closed in 1980.

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    Andrew Iannazzi Headhunter Glass Tiki Mug a.k.a. Andrew Iannazzi Dynasty Head Hunter Style Glass Tiki Mug

    This is a glass Tiki head shaped mug based on an earlier "Dynasty Warrior or Dynasty Head Hunter" design which in turn was based on the Orchids of Hawaii R-1. One of four (including the O.G. Tiki, Headhunter, Moai, and Warrior) made of blown glass and sold individually or as a set. Available in several colors.

    Distinguishing characteristics:


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    Andrew Iannazzi Warrior Glass Tiki Mug a.k.a. Andrew Iannazzi Peanut Lined Face Style Glass Tiki Mug

    This is a glass Tiki shaped mug based on an earlier "Peanut Lined Face Mug" design. One of four (including the O.G. Tiki, Headhunter, Moai, and Warrior) made of blown glass and sold individually or as a set. Available in several colors.

    Distinguishing characteristics:


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    BarConic Skeleton Mug

    Jay's description:

    For Trade See Captfalernum's Wishlist Express Interest

    Distinguishing characteristics:

    Bar Conic Skeleton Zombie Mug

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    Bora Bora Bum Mug - Blue by Beachbum Berry

    This is a mug shaped like a Bora Bora styled tiki wearing Berry's signature straw hat and marked "Beachbum Berry". Comes in three different color-ways: green, blue, and orange. This is the blue version. Manufactured by Cocktail Kingdom.

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    Bob Lee's Islander Peanut Lined Face Mug

    Jay's description:

    For Trade See Captfalernum's Wishlist Express Interest