Severed Santa Mug - by Dave Helfrey and Munktiki Imports - for BG Reynolds

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From the BG Reynolds Severed Santa Mug Kickstarter Page:

"BG Reynolds is back with a brand new kickstarter featuring a ghoulishly delightful SEVERED SANTA HEAD MUG!

BG Reynolds' Severed Santa serves tribute to one of the classic and rare tiki mug treasures, the Severed Head mug from Ren Clark's Polynesian Village. Tiki aficionados and mug collectors scour their eBays, thrift stores and estate sales regularly in search of the elusive head. While our Severed Santa may not be quite as legendary, we're certain it too could make people ask 'Why the hell would anyone make a mug of a severed head'?

Have your holiday gifts left you feeling detached? What better way to celebrate the holidays than the grim remnant of this cherished character sitting on your shelf. Who wants a kiss under the mistletoe? Santa's ready for some action! Just one look at his visceral visage will have everyone saying 'I want to put my lips on that'!

Maybe you want to tell someone you don't like them? Why not slip into their house late at night while they're sleeping*, just as Santa would, and slip Santa's Severed Head under their pillow to let them know there won't be gifts under the tree for them this year.

    • Our lawyers advise that we need to pay our lawyers up front. They'd probably also say BG Reynolds does not condone or endorse breaking and entering.

As some of you may know, BG Reynolds makes some of the best mixers for your homemade cocktails. And for this kickstarter, BG Reynolds will be producing an extra special Severed Santa edition Hot Buttered Rum mix featuring a spicy kick, and a rich bloody red color that's sure to add some awe to your holiday cocktails. Look for it in our rewards, or add it as and add on!

Santa's gruesome grimace, with lolling tongue and thousand yard stare is sure to delight children of some ages. Just think, this could be great for your holiday budget, because with just one glance at this mug, your children may never want to celebrate Christmas again! And no gifts for Christmas is the gift that keeps giving every single year.

Our Severed Santa mug was designed by renowned and belovéd illustrator Dave Helfrey, and will be produced through the magnificent Munktiki Imports. His corpulent countenance will hold a warm and toasty 12 oz of Holiday cheer, sure to warm your guts in the dead of winter."


B.G. Reynolds


25 Dec 2021
USD 30.00
Released for Christmas 2021. Kickstarter has several tiers that include different items, but just the mug was $30.

Physical Characteristics

White / Red
12 fl. oz.
Kane or Man
Distinguishing Characteristics
white, beige, red, pink, and black glaze

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BG Reynolds Severed Santa Mug Kickstarter page
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6 Sep 2022
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6 Sep 2022
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