B.G. Reynolds

a.k.a. Blair Reynolds, Trader Tiki

Back in 2009, Blair Reynolds was interested in making tropical cocktails and started a blog called Trader Tiki. Getting feedback from other cocktail enthusiasts, he saw the need for off-the-shelf syrups to make these tropical cocktails and started his syrup company that same year.

Originally the business was called Trader Tiki, but another well-known tiki corporation with "Trader" in the name threatened legal action as they were already selling their own pre-mixes and thought he would be infringing on their brand recognition.

So, in 2011, the re-branding of the company as B.G. Reynolds took place, with the same products under new labels.

It wasn't the name, but the quality of ingredients that sold the product, however, and the BG Reynolds line of syrups has thrived.

Blair Reynolds also ran Hale Pele in Portland from its opening in 2012 until 2016 when he stepped away to focus exclusively on his syrup manufacturing business.

His company is familiar with the volume needs of larger bars and can supply smaller or larger bottles of each flavor as needed.

BG Reynolds Syrups are used by many well-known commercial tiki bars, like Trader Sam's, in addition to countless home bars.

All the syrups are crafted in small batches in Oregon, United States.

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