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The Tiki Barber – Date: Unknown

Loved seeing this part of tiki bar history as well!

Mstiki – 25 Feb 2017

Trader Tom – 7 Oct 2022

Stayed here this weekend with the family at the Fairmont Hotel and this was our first stop for dinner and drinks the evening we rolled into town. I had been here before on at least two other occasions when I was in town for academic conferences but those would have been prior to 2011 and both occasions were during Happy Hour where I probably shared an appetizer plate -- no entrees. Also visited here on 12/27/2006 with Ilene during our 4 day Tiki Spectacular Vacation. Decor here is amazing and the drinks were a bump up from what I remembered. The food was very good but very steep prices. Also, I wanted to buy mugs but due to Covid shipping problems they were still waiting for their shipment on bowls and fog cutters, etc..., which were postponed to 2023 in all likelihood. Overall, though, it was well worth it to see it all again and to introduce my son to a San Francisco Tiki icon!

Samantha – Date: Unknown

DeltaTikiphile – Date: Unknown

This is the most beautiful tiki space in San Francisco, and that's saying something. Really, it's stunningly beautiful. Words can't do it justice. The drinks were good enough, but not great - that's because there were at least 400 people in the place, and another 200 waiting outside while we were there.

We opted not to wait in the 2 hour line to eat, having drinks and buying mugs instead. The mug selection was strong, second only to Trader Vic's in the SFO area.

The only complaint is that they were obviously under staffed, as approximately half of their dining tables were empty, while a huge crowd waited outside. Some who planned to eat (like us) just opted to have a drink in the bar, while many more left without ever getting to come in. It looks like the Fairmont & Tonga Room are losing lots of business to poor management.

TikiJosh – Date: Unknown

Chuckbob – Date: Unknown

chris austin – Date: Unknown

Lisa Lundquist Kotsonas – Date: Unknown

Tiki Mon – Date: Unknown

Pooch and Star – Date: Unknown

TikiTrevor – Date: Unknown

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