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Bad Monkey – 2 Apr 2024

Went to Austin for a conference. Scoped it out ahead of time. My favorite place for a vibe. Drinks and food were also tasty treats.

fijimermaid – Date: Unknown

Amazing! The full tiki experience. Every inch of the restaurant is decorated with detail. Food was next level, and drinks were perfect.

Tomcat – 19 Sept 2022

Meanymellow – Date: Unknown

Amazing space, particularly the downstairs area. Has a fantastic sense of style, from the mugs to the decor. Though certainly not cheap, it is worth the cost. Note that it is very difficult to get a reservation, though we've never had to wait long if coming just to sit at the bar. The drinks and the rum list are both impressive. It's great to have such an amazing bar in Austin!

Ken Odegard – 23 July 2023

Scout.Tiki – Date: Unknown

Finnman – Date: Unknown

Sukielau – Date: Unknown

sarksama – Date: Unknown

DrThundr – Date: Unknown

Tikihellcat – Date: Unknown

Tikihellcat – Date: Unknown