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Tiki Bar

Tiki Tatsu-Ya

Austin, Texas, United States

Tiki Tatsu-Ya is a long-awaited tiki bar and restaurant in South Austin, Texas, that opened October 4th, 2021.

Owner is Tatsu Aikawa, who owns several restaurants in town including neighboring Ramen Tatsu-Ya, and was inspired to open a tiki bar by his brother Shion. Aikawa emphasized tiki's long tradition of incorporating Asian elements, and the heavy influence of Asian cultures on Hawaii. The drinks program is led by Cory Starr (previously of Chicago tiki bar Three Dots and a Dash) alongside Tatsu-Ya beverage director Michael Phillips and Tatsu-Ya sake sommelier Bryan Masamitsu Parsons. In addition to tiki drinks, there is also a tiki-inspired menu, with Japanese flavors and dishes strongly represented. The bar is housed in the former Backbeat space, right next to Ramen Tatsu-Ya's South Lamar shop.

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