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Preston Burroughs – 30 July 2023

Great food, great drinks, and our server was on top of it. I picked up the Volcano Girl mug while I was there.

CaptainNemo – Date: Unknown

Visited for Hardcore Tiki Marketplace (which was rather sparse, to tell you the truth — maybe an off-month). The decor is fun, with a number of impressive murals, and I found a new favorite cocktail here when I tried the Fluffy Banana! (You can find the recipe online as Dr. Barca's Fluffy Banana.) The food was good, too, and the bartender and staff friendly. Nice place!

Trader Tom – 5 Oct 2019

Kelly and I were vending our book and other goodies at the Bamboo Club's Hardcore Marketplace. I've been here a few times. I've also bartended alongside some of their bartenders when we did the Oceanic Arts farewell event. Good group of guys! Really enjoyed their Firewalker cocktail using Mezcal.

Bali Hai Brad – 9 Feb 2024

Hosted my first all vinyl party HOT SPACE! at the Bamboo Club.

TikiJosh – Date: Unknown

Arriano – 15 Oct 2023

Chuckbob – Date: Unknown

MoonandSixpence – Date: Unknown

Samantha – Date: Unknown

TikiTrevor – Date: Unknown

Coco – Date: Unknown

Cap’n Jimmy – Date: Unknown

Tron – Date: Unknown