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Kelly and I were vending our book and other goodies at the Bamboo Club's Hardcore Marketplace. I've been here a few times. I've also bartended alongside some of their bartenders when we did the Oceanic Arts farewell event. Good group of guys! Really enjoyed their Firewalker cocktail using Mezcal.

Tiki Bar

The Bamboo Club

Long Beach, California, United States

Opened Friday, March 8th, 2019.

Long Beach’s only 7 days a week Tiki bar! Interior design by Bamboo Ben. Fantastic wall murals by Big Toe and Ken Ruzic. In addition to the outstanding cocktails, they also have a very good in-house menu. Last but not least, they occasionally play host to the Hardcore Tiki Marketplace on the weekend, with tons of great tiki vendors.

Happy Hour Monday-Friday 3PM - 7PM.