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Trader Tom – 25 Feb 2021

I vended here at the first ever marketplace event run by Tiki Al on February 28th, 2021. At that event I talked to Carey Ysais who needed a bartender and soon after this I started picking up some bartending shifts which I continued regularly each week for just over a year. Had to back away from the regular schedule, though. Currently I just bartend once in a while at the mai-tai booth at marketplaces and when they need an emergency favor. I've also designed many of their marketplace and special event fliers and re-designed their cocktail menu. Great owners and a fun location. Go check it out!

Mstiki – 3 Apr 2022

MoonandSixpence – 16 Apr 2023

Izzy – Date: Unknown

CaptainNemo – Date: Unknown

Tikihellcat – Date: Unknown