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Tiki Bar

Kahuna Tiki TU

Los Angeles/Valley Village, California, United States

This is the newer sister location to the first Kahuna Tiki in North Hollywood, owned and operated by Carey Ysais.

It features sushi and Polynesian style food and tiki cocktails.

Opened in December 2020, the Kahuna Tiki TU is located at the site of the historic and former Mikado Sushi Bar in Valley Village.

The Kahuna Tiki TU and the adjacent Mikado Hotel were both built in 1957. They are under separate ownership.

This location has a full liquor license and a full range of cocktails featuring hard alcohol, whereas the first Kahuna Tiki location has a limited liquor license and features beer and wine, and a more limited range of tropical cocktails made with sake and soju and the like.

You can sit at "The Jungle Bar" (a more intimate area with three thatched booths and velvet paintings), the sushi bar, the main hall with tables or booths, the "Party Room" (complete with jukebox and windows overlooking the pool), or sit outside on the patio next to the pool itself.

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