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The Tiki Barber – 8 Mar 2024

Great spot. Max was bartending both Friday and Sunday when we went ( he's a phenomenal bartender) cocktails were great, decor was cool and we meet up with local Tennessee Tikiphiles for a friend's birthday. It was a great trip/experience

tabithablanken – 3 Apr 2022

Went right after I dropped my stuff off at the Gaylord Hotel for my Nashville vacation during QuadA. I was really impressed with how long the fires remained lit in the drinks. Unfortunately their spring seasonal menu was too intriguing and I ordered four, plus the bartenders did shots with me. This did not end well later at the hotel. But at the time it was amazing. They had a drink with a garam masala or something similar that was one of the most interesting tiki drinks I've ever had. I got the little head mug and dropped it at the hotel atrium trying to take a selfie with a waterfall. It now sits in the Enchanted Tibby Room as a reminder of the dangers that these drinks hold.

TikiDeathMetal – Date: Unknown

Interesting take on a tiki bar. The drinks were strong and the decor was enjoyable. The taco truck out front was a nice touch.

DRock – Date: Unknown

Awesome Mai tai. Mexican food was served from food truck outside. Different robot tiki atmosphere.

vinniebarone7 – 9 Mar 2023

twofivetiki – Date: Unknown

Mdtvandy – Date: Unknown