Beachbum Berry Metal Swizzle Cup

a.k.a. 151 Swizzle Cup


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Beachbum Berry Metal Swizzle Cup a.k.a. 151 Swizzle Cup - in 2 collections

Beachbum Berry
Cocktail Kingdom

Donn Beach's 151 Swizzle used an electric blender to mimic the centuries-old West Indian technique of churning drinks with a spoked twig whittled into a “swizzle stick.” Ernest served his swizzles in a specially made metal Swizzle Cup -- a sleeker, sexier version of the traditional silver Mint Julep Cup. Just as they copied the Beachcomber’s drinks, rival Tiki restaurateurs copied his signature serve. By the 1950s metal Swizzle Cups frothed with exotic cocktails from coast to coast. Expensive to make -- and to replace when customers ran off with them -- these cups disappeared from Tiki bars by the 1980s, replaced by standard Collins glasses. Cocktail Kingdom has brought back the long-lost Swizzle Cup of Tiki’s past, with this updated version made of light-weight stainless steel.

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11 May 2022
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11 May 2022
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