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I lived in Portland from 2011 to 2015 while my wife was working for LAIKA animation on The Boxtrolls project. I went to Hale Pele at least once or twice a month for a few years, starting the month it opened in 2012 and until I moved back to Los Angeles in 2015. My last visit was probably June 1st, 2015. I was about halfway through both my water bearer (cocktail list) and fire drinker (rum list) but never completed either one. Sadly, I do that at every bar that has a customer incentive drink list. I can never focus. Took me forever to pick a major in college too. I guess some people never learn! Hale Pele's unique round-the-world presentation of their rums taught me a lot and introduced me to a wider range than I might have otherwise explored from purchases at liquor stores. I heartily recommend a trip there!

Tiki Bar

Hale Pele

Portland, Oregon, United States

Hale Pele is a tiki bar in Northeast Portland, opened by Blair Reynolds, who ran Hale Pele until 2016 when the failure of his second bar enterprise (Americano) forced him to sell his share in Hale Pele to Martin Cate and step away. However, Blair Reynolds has another claim to fame in the world of tiki mixology: his line of flavored syrups sold under the name B.G. Reynolds which is still thriving.

Hale Pele opened in late August 2012, in a space that had previously held a tiki bar named Thatch. At the entrance, you cross a bridge past a small water feature, and are greeted by a large, sunken bar -- this allows seated bar patrons to be at eye level with their bartender. Behind the bar are a trio of large cannibal tiki carvings, these originated at Portland's Kon-Tiki and also lived for many years at the Jasmine Tree. At the very back of Hale Pele is the elevated Chieftain's Hut, a semi-private large booth, which can be reserved in advance.

The drink menu focuses on both classic tiki drinks and new creations. The bar has a small kitchen, so food is available in addition to the drink menu.