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Bikini Lounge

Designed and made by the owner of the Bikini Lounge, the mug features the faces of the house band. A white moon with a yellow interior. The mug holds 28 ounces and can be used as a bowl to hold your favorite cocktail.

From the Bikini Lounge Facebook page on November 9th, 2017 announcing November 11th release:

"Hola! This year's mug goes to Moonlight Magic for its inspiration. A group of some truly original Zonies that have spent nearly a year with us for all the right reasons. We rattled through ideas and some sketches with our ol' sweat shop pal Jimmy Smith, eventually settling on this sweet vessel! 40 bucks gets you this tribute to what the Moon on Grand really has to offer, including the glorious 'cheezewhiz' interior with a portion of the proceeds going to the band! Saturday's festival is stocked, so come prepared. Only 100 of these going out to the universe and never to return."

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1 Jun 2021
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