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    Ventiki $35 Mai Tai Mug

    This brown mug features a barrel-like body with tiki shield face mask on the front. It was designed by one of their former bartenders to serve their $35 Mai Tai. Produced by Beeline Creative/Geekitikis. Premiered Wednesday, May 18th, 2022. Marked on reverse for "Ventiki Ventura, CA".

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    The Glutton - by Flounder - for Tiki Farm

    This is a mug shaped like a sitting drunk tiki holding two bottles of booze and with wagging tongue and large round X-ed over eyeballs.

    From Tiki Farm/Holden:

    "We proudly present you with our newest and perhaps one of our most unusual designs to-date with long time Tiki Farm contributing artist... Scott 'Flounder' Scheidly... 'The Glutton'!

    I reached out to Scott to get some input for this promotional text and in classic Flounder-style, Scott replied 'Just let ‘em know it’s a self-portrait.' That, ladies and gentlemen, is a perfect example of why I enjoy working so much with Scott. He throws me off-cuff reminders all the time, reminding me not to take the whole Tiki mug scene so seriously and just to keep doing what I love!

    As you will note here with The Glutton, he is an absolute fan of his libations! He comes at you with a double-fisted attitude, tongue wagging and X-eyed as a result of his debaucherous ways! As a result of his debauchery, The Glutton is a bit 'green-in-the-face' and then some! But, he’s ready for you and more than capable and really excited about your intended use for him. The Glutton is a huge fan of rum-soaked crafted cocktails, though his appearance might appear more like a Fireball is in order! Don’t let him fool you. Buy him and find out for yourself!

    Artist: Flounder Original release year: 2022 Capacity: 22 oz. Material: Ceramic stoneware Height: 6 3/8 inches"

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    Tiki Bob To The Moon Shot & Bowl Set - by Eric October

    This is a bowl/shot glass tribute to Le Voyage dans la Lune (1902) by Georges Méliès, with Tiki Bob as the rocket that lands in the moon's eye.

    Eric premiered the first set at the Original Tiki Marketplace in Garden Grove on October 16th, 2021.

    The film that inspired Eric's work remains Méliès' best known, and the moment in which the capsule lands in the Moon's eye remains one of the most iconic and frequently referenced images in the history of cinema. It is widely regarded as the earliest example of the science fiction film genre and, more generally, as one of the most influential films in cinema history.

    Eric has created a few of these sets to be sold at Southern California tiki marketplaces, but is open to making more for those that reach out to him through social media.

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    Swag Lamp Mug - by THOR - for The Tiki-Ti

    TikiPalace's description:

    Signed by Thor and more

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    Ray Buhen Mug - by THOR - for The Tiki-Ti a.k.a. Toast To Ray Mug

    This is a mug designed to look like Ray Buhen, the founder of the Tiki-Ti, behind the bar and holding a Ray's Mistake cocktail in one hand.

    This mug and a second mug design by THOR, the Tiki-Ti Swag Lamp Mug, were both released on May 29th, 2022. 500 of each design were on hand for release day with remainders to be sold online and on premises at a later date.

    All mugs included a mini pendant version of the mug and a Tiki-Ti branded bamboo straw.

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    Mod Man #8

    This is a simple, modern tiki head mug by Bosko, with abstract features. The mug shape tapers to a narrow opening at the top, and it has protruding, lidded eyes. The glaze is bright yellow, and it is a limited edition of 35.

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    Tambu - Orange - by Tiki Diablo - for Tonga Hut Palm Springs

    TikiPalace's description:

    Signed by Tiki Diablo.

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    Drum Barrel Gray - by Tiki Diablo a.k.a. Jet Fuel Barrel - by Tiki Diablo

    TikiPalace's description:

    Signed by Tiki Diablo.

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    Drum Barrel Green - by Tiki Diablo a.k.a. Torpedo Juice Barrel - by Tiki Diablo

    TikiPalace's description:

    Signed by Tiki Diablo.

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    Kolohe #10 a.k.a. Bosko Kolohe

    Kolohe was designed and manufactured by Bosko. Kolohe has long eyes, a long flared nose, and his mouth is open on each side in a triangle shape exposing his teeth. The name "Kolohe" is commonly used to describe a person, usually a child, who is constantly getting into or causing trouble.

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    Space Age Tiki Mug a.k.a. Bosko Space Age Tiki Mug

    Space Age is a pale yellow tiki mug designed and manufactured by Bosko. It has large triangular eyes and sharp, curved features. The nose is broad, and the mouth is wide open.

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    Skull Mug - by Eekum Bookum - for the Suffering Bastard #43

    A white skull mug with a gray wash and matte finish, created for the Suffering Bastard bar in Sanford, Florida. Designed by John Mulder and made by Eekum Bookum. The first 100 mugs are numbered and then the next batch of skull mugs is an open edition.

    The bar name and city, Sanford, Florida, are on the back of the skull.

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    Outré Moai #29

    This is a modernist interpretation of a Moai with a long head and a long, sharp nose. This, first, US color way edition has a greenish blue exterior and a slate black interior.

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    Marqranium in Orange & Blue #6 a.k.a. Bosko Marqranium Second Edition

    Marqranium was designed and produced by Bosko. The mug is shaped like the head of a Marquesan tiki with large closed eyes, a nose with broad nostrils, a broad, straight mouth and covered in Marquesan style markings. The glaze is orange with blue highlights and a dark orange interior. It was also produced in an earlier blue over green glaze.

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    The Drooling Bastard - St.Patrick’s Day Edition - Green - for Tonga Hut North Hollywood #5

    This is a mug shaped the Drooling Bastard (a crude Tiki made of volcanic rock, holding a bowl, with water trickling out of his mouth and into the bowl). It is based on the original fountain sculpture at the Tonga Hut which is the mascot for the Loyal Order of the Drooling Bastard. To join the order, one must go to the Tonga Hut and drink every drink listed in Beachbum Berry's Grog Log (at your own pace, but within a year's time). Bastard members are rewarded with a plaque to commemorate their achievement and a special "Buck Off" coin that entitles you to a buck off all drinks for life. Previous editions were manufactured by Taboo Island but this was made by Eekum Bookum.

    This green St Patrick's Day Edition (with gold in his bowl) was released on St. Patrick’s Day 2022 for Tonga Hut in North Hollywood.

    Several color versions of the Drooling Bastard mug have previously been released by Tonga Hut. The St. Patrick’s Day mug was limited to 100 mugs.

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    Cobra’s Fang - 6th Anniversary Mug - Artist Proof - by Bosko - For Hidden Harbor #1 a.k.a. Cobra’s Fang - 6th Anniversary Mug - AP - by Bosko - For Hidden Harbor

    TikiPalace's description:

    Signed by Bosko

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    Volcano Mug - Turquoise Blue & Orange - by Mookie Sato - for Stowaway Tiki

    This volcano-shaped lo-ball mug features a wrap-around scene of Moai paddlers in a canoe, waves, a palm tree, and a wahine with flowers. Glazed in turquoise blue/cyan with orange lava dripping down from the lip.

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    Bad Kitty - by Doug Horne - for The Search for Tiki

    This mug depicts a cat scratching an Andres Bumatay-style Tiki.

    Released by The Search for Tiki as a fundraiser for their website.

    A limited edition of 500, designed by Doug Horne, sculpted by Lost Idols Co., and manufactured by Munktiki Imports.

    "Bad Kitty" is written on the back of the mug.

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    Tonga Hut Coconut Mug - for 2021 Tiki Fever Event #48

    Tonga Hut released this coconut shaped mug at the Bahi Hut’s Tiki Fever event in Sarasota, Florida. Tiki Fever was held September 30 to October 3, 2021. Sculpted by John Mulder and made by Eekum Bookum. A brown mug with white interior and "Tonga Hut" in white letters on the front. The mug holds 8 ounces.

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    Trader Mort Mug - by Eli Hedley - Manufactured by Eekum Bookum #20

    This is a tribute mug produced by Bamboo Ben to celebrate his grandfather, Eli Hedley.

    Eli ran his Island Trade Store on Beach Blvd in Midway City in the 1950s-1960s, and the tiki this mug is based on originated there and was later sold to Trader Mort's Liquor & Deli where it has since become iconic .

    This is the first mug in the Trade Store Collection. Bamboo Ben has plans to produce the other three tiki mugs that originally stood alongside this one at the Island Trade Store.

    The mug comes with a photo of Eli’s store, pre Trader Mort’s, with the four tikis lined up.

    This mug was made by John Mulder at Eekum Bookum and was limited to 100 mugs. The first 50 mugs were sold at Tiki Tom’s in Walnut Creek, CA on January 22, 2022 and the other 50 mugs were sold at the Bamboo Club in Long Beach, CA on February 5, 2022.

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    Bosko Skull Mug Wicked Black #6 a.k.a. Kapu-Tiki Halloween Skull

    TikiPalace's description:

    Signed by Bosko

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    Wilfred’s Lounge Tiki Mug - First Edition - Iron Oxide Dark Black/Brown a.k.a. Wilfred's Own Mug - First Edition

    A tall tiki mug with iron oxide black/brown glaze from Wilfred’s Lounge in Napa, California.

    This signature tiki was inspired by The Tiki-Jo logo tiki which was carved by Eli Hedley in the late 50s.

    This mug is used to serve their "Batten Down the Hatches" cocktail on their drink menu, which contains rum, pineapple, fassionola, Doc's Spice, lime, and Absinthe.

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    Zombie Mug - Second Edition (1st Year Anniversary) for The Zombie Village #130

    This mug was released to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of The Zombie Village in San Francisco. This is a black and gold version of the first edition, which draws inspiration from the old Skipper Kent's Zombie Village that was located in Oakland, CA. It utilizes the old menu graphic of the Zombie Village mascot which looks like sort of a cross genie with tusks. This sculpt by John Mulder also adds a tassled fez that has the "ZV" with palm tree logo in a circle on front. The bar location is at 441 Jones St, San Francisco, California 94102.

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    Lady Luck - 13th Anniversary Mug - Orange - by Bosko - for Frankie's Tiki Room #126

    This is a standing tiki mug with simple oval shaped eyes (Bug Eye Style) and mouth, and a broad nose. Glazed in an orange variated wash with clear coat. Marked on back for Frankie's Tiki Room 13th Anniversary on reverse.

    From Frankie's Facebook Page:

    "Only 300 of the limited edition Lady Luck tiki mugs were made by the amazing artist Bosko Hrnjak. 200 of them will go on sale at Frankie's Saturday December 4 starting at 5:00. 100 will be sold online at FrankiesTikiRoom.com on Sunday December 5 starting at noon (PST). Bosko will be at Frankie's to sign mugs Saturday December 4 from 5:00 - 7:00 and again during the anniversary party after 9:00 pm."

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    Hula's Modern Primitive Tiki Mug - 2021 - Gloss Brown

    This gloss brown mug was designed by Philippe Tilikete for Tiki Farm. The mug has a tiki face with protruding eyes, a long and narrow nose and an open, circle mouth exposing its teeth.

    This 2021 version is an all-new version of the original HULA'S Modern Primitive mug first launched back in 2009.

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    Bosko Nu-Ku Brown #10

    Nu-Ku was designed and produced by Bosko. The light brown mug was a limited edition of 25. Nu-Ku has very angular features. His forehead, nose and chin are pointed. He is sqinting and grimacing.

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    The Protector of Paradise - Second Edition - Blue - by Eekum Bookum - for The Reef in Palm Springs #487

    The Protector of Paradise mug depicts a tiki-mask-wearing native holding a spear (hole in hand to remove or replace spear).

    Based on a native dancer briefly shown in the film South Pacific (1958).

    Marked for The Reef on reverse.

    This Second Edition in blue with green accents was made just for The Reef’s 2021 Tiki Caliente event.

    Distinguishing characteristics:

    Blue Edition

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    The Protector of Paradise - First Edition - by Eekum Bookum - for The Reef in Palm Springs #419

    TikiPalace's description:

    Signed by John Mulder.

    Distinguishing characteristics:

    Brown Edition

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    Tiki Caliente 12 Event Mug #144 a.k.a. Tiki Caliente 12 Female Menehune Mug - for 2021, Tiki Caliente XII Event Mug

    TikiPalace's description:

    Signed by John Mulder and Doug Horne.

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    Barrel Mug with Diving Helmet - by Tiki Diablo - for Tiki-Ko #165

    Made by Tiki Diablo for Tiki-Ko in Bakersfield, CA. A limited edition barrel mug topped with a diving helmet and draped with rope. The mugs came blind-boxed with either orange or brown rope. "Tiki-Ko" on front and numbered on the bottom.

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    Maui & Rongo Salt and Pepper Shakers - 50th Anniversary Edition - by Tim Wollweber - for Disney's Polynesian Village Resort

    These salt and pepper shakers resemble the Polynesian’s versions of the gods Maui and Rongo.

    Sets consists of three pieces. Each shaker fits onto a brown base and Maui is glazed in orange and Rongo in green. "Disney's Polynesian Village Resort" marked on front of base and each shaker figure is marked "Disney" on reverse.

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    Haunted Mansion Gargoyle Mug - First Edition - by Tim Wollweber - for Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar

    This deep orange version with black wipe was created for Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar. An earlier version in brown was released, exclusive to Club 33 members only, and only 1 per membership.

    Designed after the iconic Gargoyles seen in the Haunted Mansion attraction at DisneyLand, the mug has two battery operated torches designed by Grider.

    From their advertising: "As the sun sets in New Orleans Square, creatures of the night emerge from the shadows. The mysterious 'Flying Foxes', known by the locals as the Souris-Chaude, haunt the trees of the Garden District. These delightfully dreaded creatures dart through the sky, driving the locals absolutely batty. Resting in the portrait gallery of a lonely old mansion, several strange stone Souris-Chaude Gargoyles light the way for visitors through deathly still air with their ever flickering candles."

    Came with "The Stone Watcher" cocktail, featuring several ingredients, including 3-year-old The Real McCoy white rum, green chartreuse, lime juice, pineapple juice, and falernum.

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    Jungle Cruise Boat Mug - First Edition - Beige & Brown - for Trader Sam's Grog Grotto

    This mug depicts the "Congo Queen", a jungle boat (that Walt Disney spent much time in) with a tiki at the helm and tiki passengers that has hippos rearing up out of the water along one side and piranha leaping up on the other. The mug was released at Trader Sam's Grog Grotto on October 13th, 2021.

    This design was also released at Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Room in a gloss brown first edition and a light yellow special edition. Lastly, a two-tone oxidized brown glazed version was released exclusively through Club 33 (marked as "Molopo Marie" instead of "Congo Queen").

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    Jungle Cruise Boat Mug - Limited Edition - Two-Tone Oxidized Brown - for Club 33

    This mug depicts the "Molopo Marie", a jungle boat with a tiki at the helm and tiki passengers that has hippos rearing up out of the water along one side and piranha leaping up on the other. Glazed in a two-tone oxidized brown glaze version. The mug was released at Club 33 on July 30th, 2021, to coincide with the release of The Jungle Cruise film in theaters and on Disney+. This design was also released at Trader Sam's in a gloss brown first edition which was restricted to 2 per transaction and a light yellow special edition which was restricted to 1 per transaction. These two Trader Sam's versions were marked as "Congo Queen" instead of "Molopo Marie").

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    Tiki-Ti 60th Anniversary Tiki Mug - by SHAG #69

    TikiPalace's description:

    Signed by Shag and Mike Sr.

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    Tiki Island Expo 2019 Mug #30 a.k.a. Escape To Tiki Island Mug

    This is the official Escape to Tiki Island mug, designed by Outline Studios and created for the 2019 event at the Yost Theater. This mug is shaped like a gray tiki head emerging from cooled blackened lava. There was also a very limited edition run with different glazing.

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    El Tamboro - by Tiki Diablo #160

    This is a mug shaped like one of the central tiki figures on display in Disneyland's Enchanted Tiki Room -- flanked on either side by monkey tiki drummers.

    It is a large horned figure with a tall central drum held between feet and hands. Brown glaze with red, yellow, and blue details.

    Measures 11" tall and 7 1/2" wide from horn to horn.

    The piece is designed with two chambers -- the top chamber intended for dry ice -- and a couple of the nostril holes allow vapor to escape.

    This was a pre-order that started in January 2020. Long delayed by Covid, these finally were made available at the end of July 2021, with a few initial pickups at Tiki Oasis on July 29th, 2021 and shipping in batches continuing through September 2021.

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    Bosko Nu-Ku Green #32

    TikiPalace's description:

    Mismatched tag signed by Bosko.

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    This very short, stylized tiki mug was designed and manufactured by Bosko. He has a jutting brow, sunken cheeks and a stubby nose. Yellow glaze.

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    Trader Vic’s Ramu Mini

    Designed by Javier Del Campo for Trader Vic’s, Ramu is based on a Papua New Guinea river legends where the Bosmun people live. Ramu comes either as a 24 ounce sized cocktail mug or this mini 2 ounce sized shot glass.

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    Trader Vic’s Angoram Mini

    Designed by Javier Del Campo for Trader Vic’s, Angoram is based on masks from the Papua New Guinea city of Angoram. Angoram comes either as a 30 ounce sized cocktail mug or this mini 2 ounce sized shot glass.

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    Cutwater Spirits 2021 Mug - by THOR - for the 2021 Tiki Bash

    This mug is shaped like a skull being held up by an ape. Designed by THOR and manufactured by Munktiki Imports for Cutwater Spirits.

    Released August 6th, 2021 at the Cutwater Spirits Tiki Bash held at Humphreys Outdoor Concert Lawn.

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    False Idol Hei Tiki Turquoise #100 a.k.a. False Idol Hei Tiki Third Edition

    TikiPalace's description:

    Signed by Bosko.

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    Surfing Monkey - First Edition - Blue - by BigToe - for Stowaway

    TikiPalace's description:

    Signed by Big Toe