Off to S.E.A. Moai - Test Glaze - by Outl1n3 Island

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Signed by David Outline.

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David Outline
Outl1n3 Island
Outl1n3 Island

This mug is part of a three mug set by David Outline of Outl1n3 Island which included three row boats -- one containing Ku, one containing a Moai and the third containing Tongaroa, all paddling off to sea.

The test glaze set is the precursor to the first edition five mug sets. The bottom of the mug reads "Outl1n3 Island" and the test glaze is numbered out of 4 in ink and dated "2021" molded into the mug over a molded "EDT".

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25 Mar 2021
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25 Mar 2021
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