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Tiki Mug Design

The Drooling Bastard - 65th Anniversary Bloody Bastard Edition - for the Tonga Hut - North Hollywood

aka Bloody Drooling Bastard in 1 collection

A large Drooling Bastard statue sits in a fountain inside the Tonga Hut tiki bar, North Hollywood, CA. Plaques with the names of the members of the Loyal Order of the Drooling Bastard surround the statue. To become a member of the Loyal Order, you must drink all seventy six cocktails in Beachbum Berry’s book “The Grog Log”.

This mug is a copy of the Tonga Hut Drooling Bastard statue. The mug was produced by John Mulder at Eekum Bookum for Tonga Hut North Hollywood’s 65th anniversary. The mug has a dark yellow /brown wash exterior, a red interior, and red blood spots. The words “65 YEARS - 1958 - Tonga Hut” on the back of the mug.

Eekum Bookum made one hundred 65th Tonga Hut anniversary mugs and most of the mugs were made with a dark brown exterior and a red interior but a few of these were included in that run.