Voodoo Goddess - Second Edition - Mardi Gras Green - by Tank Standing Buffalo


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Tiki Farm
Tiki Farm

From the Tiki Farm website:

"We proudly bring you another radical design by long time Tiki Farm friend and collaborator, Tank Standing Buffalo. Introducing our brand new 'Voodoo Goddess' mug, aka 'Mama May'. Tank can push the darker end of the design spectrum every now and then and we are very happy to support and promote his creative energies when he does. You probably remember Tank’s super popular 'VooDude' mug which sold out very quickly. Do not miss your chance to get your hands on Tank’s newest creation shown here in a glaze variation we’ve named 'Mardi Gras Green'. Peek around the design and you’ll see fun added elements such as skulls, flickering Tiki torches, a jug of hooch, a little stuffed animal, dripping candles, and… who do you spy on the back mantle… is it… yes it is… it’s VOODUDE!

Each Voodoo Goddess in Mardi Gras Green comes with two 30” classic Mardi Gras beaded necklaces with each necklace having beads in purple, gold, and green (official Mardi Gras colors). Now is there a better drink vessel than our Mardi Gras green Voodoo Goddess for this year’s celebration of this world-renowned event? Nothing comes to mind on our end!"

There was also a first edition released in 2020 in "Dried Blood Red".

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12 Aug 2021
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12 Aug 2021
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