Mr. Bali Hai Creepxotica Mug - Limited Edition - by Tiki Farm - for Bali Hai & Creepxotica


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Mug Design:

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Tiki Farm

This is a version of the classic Mr. Bali Hai tiki mug with the black and white skull mask of the Creepxotica band and with a black and white fez lid featuring a coffin and bat on the front.

Mr. Bali Hai is an oblong head with a bone through the nose and large hoop earrings, with sleepily lidded eyes -- the carved version being a mascot that greets visitors at the entrance to the Bali Hai.

Creepxotica is the Exotica Music playing alter ego of The Creepy Creeps band which started out doing a "haunted style" of Bossa Nova music.

Released at the Bali Hai on Friday April 30th, at a Creepxotica show at the Bali Hai.

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22 Jun 2022
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22 Jun 2022
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