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Visited when I attended the Shipwrecked Tiki Social and Bazaar. What a place! Two floors decked with nautical decor and a wide dance floor to boot. Great fun!

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Tiki Bar

The Warehouse

Marina del Rey, California, United States

The Warehouse was opened in 1969 by Burt Hixon, of Beachbum Burt's in Redondo Beach. In recent years the restaurant has been owned by Lee and Martha Spencer; Lee Spencer passed away in October 2016. The elaborate decor is much more nautical rather than true "tiki", but with a strong Polynesian lean. The building is designed to look like an old wharf building, surrounded with mature palm trees and a wooden walkway entrance over a lagoon with live turtles. Inside, the main dining room has several tables inside large shipping crates, and a second level mezzanine with small tables rings the room. In recent years, the bar has been rechristened a "tiki bar" though the tiki is minimal and the decoration is more nautical flotsam and jetsam and shipping crates. The Warehouse is most well-known for their souvenir signature barrel mug, still available today. The food menu is very traditional upscale steak and seafood fare. A small number of tropical drinks are available.

The Warehouse is also the location of the Shipwrecked tiki bazaar and social event, started in 2019, which celebrates artists, tiki craftspeople, and plays host to live music.

*NOTE: Discussions of development make the future of this location uncertain but it has been disclosed that they have a lease through at least the end of November 2023, so if you have not visited it yet, don't wait too long!

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