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Good food, good drinks, nice outdoor atmosphere. Kahuna Tiki Tu, their sister bar/restaurant, is larger and much more elaborate, with multiple indoor seating areas, but Kahuna Tiki is pretty nice as well!

Tiki Bar

Kahuna Tiki

Los Angeles, California, United States

Kahuna Tiki is a tiki-themed sushi restaurant with tropical drinks.

Kahuna Tiki initially opened without a liquor license and was only a sushi restaurant. A liquor license was added in June 2015, but for beer & wine only, no hard alcohol, so the tropical drinks on offer are made with sake, soju and the like (Their second location, Kahuna Tiki TU, has a full liquor license and an expanded cocktail menu featuring drinks with hard alcohol).

There is a very large outdoor patio with rock features, waterfalls, pools, trees, and beachcomber lamps.

Kahuna Tiki is known for its luau presentations and burlesque shows as well.

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