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    The Quiet Village Podcast 100th Episode Coconut Shot Mug - by Eric October

    From the digitiki website:

    "Celebrate the 100th episode of the Quiet Village podcast with your own customized coconut shot mug. 100 will be hand sculpted individually by the talented artist Eric October. Each shot mug is a small mini coconut, perfect for a tot of your favorite grog. The front is emblazoned with "The Quiet Village Podcast" logo. The back says "100th Episode".

    BUT THE BEST PART is that you can get your mug customized with your name or your Tiki handle on it. Just list your desired name during check out."

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    Pub Tiki Fogcutter

    This fogcutter was manufactured for Pub Tiki in Philadelphia, PA. It features the pub's trademark tiki with round cheeks, closed eyes and "1 1/2" on his torso. He also has six round toes.

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    Pub Tiki Maori Salt & Pepper Shakers

    These shakers were manufactured for Pub Tiki in Philadelphia, PA. The shakers are shaped like full-body Maori tikis with lines on the face resembling moko. They are seated with their hands clasped in front of them.

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    Dave Wu's Polynesia Tiki Mug

    This mug was manufactured by OMC for Dave Wu's Supper Club in Silver Springs, MO. The mug is similar to the ubiquitous Maori peanut mug, but the style of the tiki is far different. It has rectangular eyes, a straight mouth and straight lines on its face suggesting moko.

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    Panga Panga Bowl a.k.a. Tiki Diablo Panga Panga Bowl

    Panga Panga was designed and manufactured by Tiki Diablo. The bowl is shaped like a boat. It has a wooden outrigger attached.

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    Beachcomber Bombardier Mug - by Tiki tOny - for Tikiland Trading Co. a.k.a. Beachcomber Rocketeer Mug

    This is a mug shaped like a tikified version of the helmet belonging to the Rocketeer.

    The Rocketeer is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books originally published by Pacific Comics. Created by writer/artist Dave Stevens, the character first appeared in 1982 and is a homage to the Saturday matinee serial heroes from the 1930s through the 1950s. The Rocketeer's secret identity is Cliff Secord, a stunt pilot who discovers a mysterious jetpack that allows him to fly. His adventures are set in Los Angeles and New York in 1938, and Stevens gave them a retro, nostalgic feel influenced by the King of the Rocket Men and Commando Cody movie serials (both from Republic Pictures), and a love interest inspired by pinup diva Bettie Page. The Rocketeer character was also adapted into the 1991 Walt Disney Pictures film The Rocketeer by director Joe Johnston.

    Tikiland Trading gives their version the following backstory:

    "Legend has it that a beachcomber castaway, a bombardier from a downed Flying Fortress, in the South Pacific during WWII had to fashion a helmet from coconuts and driftwood for when he strapped himself to a Mai Tai fueled rocket in an attempt to get off the island. The wood finish glaze will rocket your Jet Pilot or flaming drinks to new heights! Last known whereabouts of The Beachcomber Bombardier are unknown… but we picked up his helmet back where it began, on the beach!"

    Designed by Tiki tOny and sculpted by THOR. Produced by Tikiland Trading Co.

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    Gulp Limoncello Lounge Edition

    This small black tiki mug was designed by Doug Horne for Tiki Farm. Mug is of a tiki face with a skull on chin. Marked "Gulp" on the back. Originally, this design was produced in a green glaze as part of a set and was the smallest in a trio of three mugs, the others are "Goon" and "Grog". This is a special edition created for the Limoncello Lounge Room Crawl at Tiki Oasis 9 hosted by Queen Kamehameha.

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    Tiki Oasis 6 Mug

    This mug was produced by Munktiki for Tiki Oasis 6. It is a hiball with a large tiki face in the center. The mug has a leaf pattern and reads "Tiki Oasis 6" on the back. It was a limited edition of 100. This design was inspired by a Tiki found at the Hanalei Hotel pictured on page 205 of The Book of Tiki.

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    Pokop Kambang Special Color

    This mug by Munktiki is of a very graphic tiki mask, and appears to take its inspiration from Papua New Guinea designs. The colors vary on this edition. 100 were made in brown and 25 in these special colors.

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    Stone Fountain Mug - First Edition - Mossy Gray Exterior with Deep Blue Interior - by Anthony Carpenter - for Max's South Seas Hideaway a.k.a. Max's Fountain Mug

    This is a mug shaped like a full-bodied standing tiki with hands at sides, standing on a carved round dais, covered in tattoos, and with a slight flare to the top rim of the mug.

    Anthony was asked to design this mug which is based on the cement tiki that is part of Max's fountain. That tiki also appears in the cocktail menu. The finished mug features a glaze by Olivia from Max's ceramics department.

    First edition and limited to 60 pieces.

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    Mai Kai Mystery Bowl - Brown and White - by Otagiri

    This bowl was used for serving the classic Mystery Drink cocktail at the Mai Kai. The bowl has brown sides, a white interior, and four brown and white shaded, open-mouthed tikis. "Mai Kai" is on the four sides of the bowl. This is the Otagiri version which preceded the Dynasty version.

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    Aloha King Mug

    A full body standing Shriner figure who has a shrunken head with its lips sewn shut and is wearing a red fez with the word "Aloha" on the front. Based on the earlier "Shrunken Shriner" head mug.

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    Hapa J's Tiki Mug - Satin Green - by THOR - for Hapa J's and Tiki Farm

    This standing tiki design was created for Hapa J's, a Hawaiian restaurant in San Clemente.

    From Tiki Farm:

    "We have a small inventory of our satin green Hapa J’s Tiki mug offered up for you Tiki collectors lucky enough to get your hands on the limited availability of only 260 mugs. Designed by Thor for Hapa J’s former proprietor, this beautiful Tiki mug is available until supplies run out. The design is California surfing culture-inspired, featuring a surfboard top/center flanked by a cresting wave coming over the top rim! Cowabunga baby!!

    Strict limit of 2 mugs per household."

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    Sepik River Drum Mug - by Anthony Carpenter - for Max's South Seas Hideaway

    From Max's website:

    "This Papua New Guinea-style mug was designed by Anthony Carpenter and is based on a PNG mask which hangs on the wall at Max’s. This is an edition of 50, each hand painted by our ceramic artists and numbered on the bottom."

    The Sepik River is the longest river on the island of New Guinea, and after the Fly and the Mamberamo the third largest by volume. The majority of the river flows through the Papua New Guinea provinces of Sandaun and East Sepik, with a small section flowing through the Indonesian province of Papua.

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    Tucan Topper Set a.k.a. Toucan Stacker Set

    This is a stacker set shaped like a Toucan with large beak and a body with outstretched wings. Comes in a variety of glaze colors.

    Distinguishing characteristics:

    Wood Brown w/Red Lava drip glaze.

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    Sacramento 2010 Tiki Crawl Mug

    A black mug with white and coral glaze details. This mug is a tribute to two now defunct Sacramento polynesian restaurants; the Zombie Hut and Coral Reef. One side features the drumming native zombie from The Zombie Hut and the other features the Tiki mask from the Coral Reef.

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    Barker Bird - Fifth Edition - Lava - Red - by Trader Nic's #9

    This is a mug in the likeness of the Barker Bird from Disney's The Enchanted Tiki Room -- a parrot wearing a bowtie and flat brimmed hat. He is glazed in Lava Red. This color-way was preceded by a first edition in "Almond" Brown, a second edition "Bone Variant", a third edition in a blue wipe "Ghost Variant", and a fourth edition "Lime Green Variant".

    Distinguishing characteristics:

    Enchanted Tiki Room Barker Bird w/rough Lava Red glazed exterior & Black subtle highlights. Interior of mug is gloss Black.

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    Astronaut Tiki Mug - First Edition - Blue - for the Saturn Room

    This is a standing tiki mug wearing an astronaut suit and helmet. It resembles the vintage (Club Trade Winds) 60's Frankoma Pottery Tiki God Salt & Pepper Shakers.

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    Trick-Or-Treat Pumpkin Pail Tiki Mug - Limited Edition - Orange - by The Black Lagoon Room a.k.a. Jack-O-Lantern Tiki Mug, Pumpkin Tiki Mug

    This is a mug shaped like a handled child's pumpkin pail for trick-or-treating, but with a more tikified face -- slanted coffee-bean shaped eyes and an extended tongue.

    Classic orange glaze with a black wipe-away application to bring out all the creepy details on the outside and a jet black glaze on the interior.

    Manufactured by Munktiki Imports for The Black Lagoon Room.

    Each mug came with a number of extras, including:

    --Exclusive "Trick or Tiki" 1.75" Enamel Pin --Exclusive Black Lagoon Room 2.5" Embroidered Merit Badge Patch --Exclusive "Trick or Tiki" Recipe Card with original concept sketch --Exclusive "Trick or Tiki" 4" Vinyl Sticker --Black Lagoon Room swizzle stick --Black Lagoon Room Coaster

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    Tiki Farm Coconut Salt & Pepper Shakers

    These Tiki Farm shakers are shaped like coconuts.

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    Papua-Ooma-Mow-Mow Ghost Beat a.k.a. Squidalu Drum Mug, Squid and Babalu Drum Mug Gallery Series

    This drum-shaped mug is a collaboration between artists Squid and Babalu. The drum is carved by Squid, the bird by Babalu. The name is inspired by the Trashmen's 1963 hit, "Surfin' Bird." The design is a very traditional Papua New Guinea drum. This is from the Gallery Series of the mug: Ghost Beat is gray, with a dark brown drum head.

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    2015 Munktiki Underground Mug a.k.a. 2015 M.U.G. Mug

    blacksandz's description:

    Modern design resemblance to Papua New Guinea (East Sepik) Spirit Abelam Mask.

    Distinguishing characteristics:


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    Akamai Kumu

    This is a mug shaped like a wide-nosed Tiki with large oval lips and horizontal coffee-bean shaped eyes. It is available in a variety of glazes.

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    Aku Aku Coconut Mug

    This coconut has a rough brown exterior and a white glazed interior, and a small white field on the side with "Aku Aku Las Vegas" printed in black.

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    Aku Tiki Lounge Black Droopy Tiki Mug

    This mug design by Otagiri has a tiki with a lined, droopy face, pointed small breasts, a long nose and eyes like semi-circles. Marked "Aku Tiki Lounge Lincoln, Nebr." in black on a field of white on back of mug.

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    Ali'i Tiki Limited Edition a.k.a. Ali'i Tiki LTD Edition

    The Ali'i Tiki mug was sculpted by Bowana. It resembles the feathered Kukilimoku figure which can be seen at the Bishop Museum in Honolulu. This is the Limited Edition limited to 200 with a matte coconut brown exterior and Hawaiian ocean blue interior.

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    Babalu's Cobra's Fang Mug Multiglazed #8

    blacksandz's description:

    #8 of 50

    Distinguishing characteristics:

    Rustic Brown woodgrain bark with lightly speckled sand interior.

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    Beachbum Berry Mug a.k.a. Bosko Beachbum Berry Mug

    The Beachbum Berry mug was designed and manufactured by Bosko. It was made in the image of Jeff "Beachbum" Berry, author of Intoxica, The Grog Log and Taboo Table.

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    Becanzo #31

    This unusual mug has a gold finish around the top edge, and fake leopard-print fur around the base. Tiki itself is black, with big teeth. This mug was sold only through M1 Gallery in Japan.

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    Big Joe #10 a.k.a. Munktiki Big Joe

    This brown tiki mug with the heavy woodgrain look was designed by Ken Pleasant for Munktiki. The design was based on one of Witco's earliest tiki pieces. The mug is shaped like three abstract tiki heads, one on top of the other. The interior of the mug is blue.

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    Blackbeard's Ghost #20 a.k.a. Blackbeard's Ghost Pirate Mug

    blacksandz's description:

    White & Black version / #20 0f 100.

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    Bosko Bug Eye Tiki Mug

    This tiki mug from Bosko has bulging, rounded eyes and a gaping fish-like mouth. The speckled glaze is "temperamental," ranging from brown to ochre to yellow-ish.

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    Bosko Logo Ku Tiki Mug #27

    This is a mug shaped like a Tiki with slanted coffee bean shaped eyes, no nose, and a large mouth without teeth. The glaze is blue over brown.

    Distinguishing characteristics:

    Edition 1

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    Bosko Nu-Ku Firecracker Red #17

    Nu-Ku was designed and produced by Bosko. The red mug was a limited edition of 80. Nu-Ku has very angular features. His forehead, nose and chin are pointed. He is sqinting and grimacing.

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    Bosko's Severed Bob #1

    This is a mug shaped like a severed head version of Tiki Bob. Brown and white glaze combination. With black on eyes and mouth and red "blood" spilling over the top.

    Distinguishing characteristics:

    #1 of 40

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    Chan's Waikiki Flipper Tiki Mug Green

    This tiki mug is green and is of a smiling tiki with a very large nose. The tiki's headdress comes down the side, as is sometimes seen with Kus, and there is an "X" pattern along the top rim. OMC sticker on bottom. This version was manufactured for Chan's Waikiki, Paramus, NJ.

    Distinguishing characteristics:

    There is much perplexity on the origin of this vintage flipper mug, but with some digging...it is believed to originate from Chan's Waikiki, Paramus NJ.

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    Coco Nut a.k.a. Rum Demon Coco Nut

    This googly-eyes coconut was designed by Katie Mello and manufactured by Rum Demon in Portland, Oregon. Coco Nut is a limited edition of 50 and has swirling eyes and a lobsided mouth with 10 goofy teeth.

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    Cook Island II

    This tiki mug by Bosko is inspired by the Cook Island style of tiki. It is very angluar, with eyes of triangles inside of diamonds. The glaze is deep blue, with an olive green overwash.

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    Cork & Net Mug #16

    This is a mug shaped like a stack of nautical cork floats with a net over them. Cork & Net Mug has the bonus feature of a custom made decal fired onto the mug (selected by customers while ordering). The size for the decal is 2 1/2 by 1 inches. The decal is iron colored.

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    Cursed Tikis Hawaiian Eye Mug

    This Tiki mug is designed after the Tiki that can be seen in the opening credits of "Hawaiian Eye", the television series which ran from 1959-1963. The original Tiki statue was part of the decor of the Hawaiian Village Hotel offices of the detective agency. This Tiki mug has slanted eyes, a long nose, an open mouth, and a small narrow neck that extends from a small circular block base.

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    Custom Tiki King Mug #4 a.k.a. Custom Crazy Al #3

    Tiki King was designed by Crazy Al Evans and is a replica of his 1996 carving. The King had a root ball top rim, a bone in his nose, and a club in his hand. He is wearing a skull necklace and headband. This version is custom painted by Crazy Al.

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    De Moai #22

    This is a mug shaped like a stylized Moai with a small forehead, large triangular nose, and large pronounced chin. Rust brown mottled glaze. A small one inch opening at the top making it difficult to add ice or drink out of.

    Distinguishing characteristics:

    An iridescent mix of Rust Brown & Grey colors.

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    Derby Daiquiri Glass a.k.a. Mai Kai Derby Daiquiri Glass, Mai Kai Jockey Champagne Sherbet Stem Glass

    The Derby Daiquiri glass is from the Mai Kai in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. In 1959, the Mai Kai won a national cocktail competition with the Derby Daiquiri. This glass was created for the “$100,000 Drink,” with a golden stem in the shape of a jockey. For more on the recipe and story, see pages 154 & 160 of Beachbum Berry's Sippin' Safari. Morgantown also made a clear and a frosted stem version of this design, but it is the golden stem version that was used at the Mai Kai.

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    Don the Beachcomber Coconut Mug by Desert Ceramics

    This coconut was used in the Don the Beachcomber restaurants, and has a brown matte exterior and a white glazed interior. The mug has the Don the Beachcomber wood sign logo on the front, and "Desert Ceramics USA" on the bottom in recessed letters. There are at least two other variations of the older style Don's mugs. One has no marking on the bottom. The other is a slightly larger version marked on the bottom from Tepper Bar Supply (located at 4131 Redwood Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90066).

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    Don the Beachcomber Vicious Virgin Modern Mug Brown a.k.a. Don the Beachcomber Vicious Virgin Modern First Edition

    This brown mug is similar to the vintage Vicious Virgin mug manufactured by OMC for the Islander Restaurant and to other vintage versions of the same design. The mug is a simple female form. She is nude with shoulder-length hair. Medium brown glaze with dark brown highlights. Her hands meet at her stomach. Unlike the vintage versions, this mug has tikified hands, a flower in her hair, and a more pronounced wood grain effect. Released Saturday November 19th, 2011 at Don the Beachcomber. Second color-way edition of this mug released in 2012 in green. Third color-ways (red, orange, and blue) released in 2016.

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    Double Headed Marquesan Red Clay #5 a.k.a. Gecko Double Headed Marquesan

    This mug was designed and manufactured by Gecko. The mug is shaped liked two Marquesan tikis, one on top of the other. This version is finished in a red clay glaze.

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    Drum of the Forefathers

    This mug is inspired by a vintage Edgar Leeteg painting entitled "The Tahitian Drummer" and the Tikis featured on the mug are inspired by original Tiki imagery as it relates to Trader Vic, Don the Beachcomber, Thor Heyerdahl and Edgar Leeteg. Hence, the name. Glazed in brown and tan.

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    Duk Duk Mug

    This is a mug shaped like a Duk Duk Dancer from Papua New Guinea. Like their dance costumes, the mug is conical in shape with large concentric circles for eyes. It has a transparent blue overglaze atop a bright yellow underglaze. More yellow than blue. The secret members of the Duk Duk society only appeared with the full moon. Justice was executed, fines extorted, taboos, feasts, taxes and all tribal matters were arranged by the Duk Duk members. In carrying out punishments, they were allowed to burn houses and even kill people. The society's practice has been dying out since around the start of the 20th century, but Duk Duk dancers are now featured as tourist attractions.