Kakaui Tiki Mug

a.k.a. SHAG Kakaui Tiki Mug


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Kakaui Tiki Mug a.k.a. SHAG Kakaui Tiki Mug - in 1 collection

Tiki Farm

This is a dark teal blue mug shaped like a Tiki head with slanted almond eyes and a bow shaped mouth lined with sharp pointed teeth. Four of these mugs came with the Kakaui set and accompanied a very large dark teal blue volcano bowl with light blue lava spilling over the top of the volcano and Tiki faces along the side. Also in the set was a signed (by Shag) and numbered 18"x18" serigraph. This was one of three similar limited edition sets. The other two include Kelena (in light blue) and Koei (in light green).

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9 Jul 2022
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9 Jul 2022
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