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    Arizona Tiki Oasis II Mug - Blue - by SHAG a.k.a. Arizona Tiki Oasis 2020 Mug Blue

    This is a mug shaped like a long faced tiki with coffee bean shaped eyes, a long narrow nose, puckered mouth, and hands held in front. Wood grain. Design by SHAG and manufactured by Bauer Pottery. This event mug was issued in a terra cotta orange glaze for the second annual Arizona Tiki Oasis, the twin event to the San Diego Tiki Oasis. This was held at the Valley Ho resort (est. 1956) in Old Town Scottsdale. This blue version is a smaller edition of 100 mugs for the SHAG Store in Palm Springs.

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    5-O Tiki Mug - by MiniTikiMeow

    This mug is based on an early Coco Joe's resin statue that made appearances in the original Hawaii 5-O television series (1968-1980). It is a Ku tiki with upturned nostrils and figure-eight mouth, eyes obscured by two sets of heavy brow ridges accented by rows of triangles. The mugs are glazed in a golden brown resembling the Coco Joe's piece, but interiors are glazed in a range of different colors (red, white, green). Sold through events or direct messaging through Carol Gravem's (MiniTikiMeow's) Instagram account.

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    Shag Tiki Lamp Mug a.k.a. Shag Moai Lamp Mug

    This is a stylized Moai head mug with round "button" decorations along the ears and base. Originally, the sculpt was intended to be a large mug, like this, but Shag suggested it be used for a lamp base instead. Years after the production of the lamps, Tiki Farm contracted with GoTiki to make a small run of the originally intended mugs from the existing mold. 10 mugs were produced in 2012 from a planned edition of 50. (The project eventually fell through; the remaining 40 mugs may be produced at a later date.) Glaze colors vary.

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    WitchDoctor Tiki Mug

    This is a mug shaped like a horned tiki head with an open mouth lined with sharp teeth, small round eyes, and no nose. "The WitchDoctor" is a kinetic, black-light, stop-motion short film set in a mysterious Tiki wonderland. It was funded through KickStarter and the mug was offered in the thank-you gift bracket to those who pledged $125 or more at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/473450133/the-witchdoctor

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    Mr. Macapuno a.k.a. Tiki Kaimuki Coconut Mug

    This is a mug shaped like a brown coconut with skull-like features (large white eye sockets, small nostrils, and large white teeth). There is also a special limited edition version done for Smuggler's Cove in San Francisco.

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    Aztec Death Whistle Limited Edition a.k.a. Munktiki Aztec Death Whistle LTD Edition

    In the 1990s, archeologists in Mexico City unearthed a 500-year-old skeleton near an ancient Aztec temple - a victim of human sacrifice. Perhaps even more chilling was what the beheaded skeleton was holding: two small whistles, one in the shape of a skull. When a researcher blew into one of the tiny instruments, the horrifying sounds that emerged immediately captivated imaginations. One scholar described the noise as a shriek of death. The dreadful, high-pitched sound of the whistle is perhaps most comparable to a human scream. The true purpose of these artifacts has baffled experts. Were they used to terrorize enemies in warfare? Were they used to induce trances as part of healing rituals? Perhaps they were used in the ritual of human sacrifice? Nobody knows. This is the limited edition glazed version of this mug design.

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    Tahitian Tiki Head a.k.a. Marquesan Tiki Mug

    A Marquesan inspired Tiki head mug. Made of high fire clay and fired to cone 10. Available in several different glaze colors. Slipcast off of an original that was thrown on the potter's wheel and carved.

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    God of Fortune Tiki Mug Super Limited Edition a.k.a. God of Fortune Tiki Mug SLTD

    This mug is based on a Witco carving called "Fortune God" and exhibits the look of Witco with its raised grain and torch blackened recesses. The Super Limited Edition has lettering on back of mug picked out in same orange color as interior glaze to contrast against otherwise brown wood color.

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    Hidden Harbor Tiki Diablo Marquesan Idol Brown

    A mug shaped like a traditional Marquesan tiki holding a smaller tiki in its hands and standing on a bottom drum-like basin fused to the body of the mug and designed to accommodate dry ice and flame effects. Each mug came in a custom crate style box designed by Tony Canepa. Two color-ways were produced, this version in brown and a second version in bone white. The brown glaze is actually "multi-dimensional" and meant to resemble uplighting by fire with browns, blacks, reds, and oranges. Released 09/07/2019.

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    Suffering Bob

    From Smuggler's Cove Instagram: First envisioned back in 2011 as a painting by MP, we began discussions to bring it to life for Smuggler’s Cove many years ago and we're so happy with the results! A true celebration of San Francisco’s greatest tiki icons, the Suffering Bob mug marries Trader Vic’s Suffering Bastard (aka Mai Tai Joe) with Bob Bryant and Alec Yuill-Thornton’s Tiki Bob. Sculpted and produced in California by MP, Suffering Bob stands (squats?) a mighty 9.5” high and is finished in a color matched body with a white antiqued crackle glaze on the face. Smuggler’s Cove SC logo and San Francisco on the back complete this tribute in a signed and numbered limited edition of 100 for $200 ea. ON SALE TUESDAY, MAY 26th at 10AM PDT ONLINE ONLY at the SC website store

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    Tonga-Poya Golden Edition a.k.a. Tangaroan Chachapoyan Fertility Idol Mug, Indiana Jones Raiders Idol & Tangaroan Hybrid

    Tonga-Poya is a hybrid design of the Chachapoya Fertility Idol featured in Raiders of the Lost Ark, and a female Tangaroa Tiki. Designed by Bill Grayson for Kaku Kaku Tiki Design, sculpt and mug production by John Mulder, Eekum Bookum. The Limited Edition consisted of 125 pieces. There was also a Super Limited Edition of 50 mugs, with 7 sets of five in various glazes, and 15 that were uniquely decorated by Eekum Bookum with no duplicates. Lastly, was a Golden Edition limited to 25 pieces.

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    Witco Cat Mug

    This is a mug shaped like a wood grained Witco style cat. Mug was released at the 1st Anniversary Event at TikiCat bar in Kansas City, MO, on April 14, 2018.

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    Tonga Hut 60th Anniversary Mug

    This is a mug shaped like a tall, elongated, orange Moai head with a white face. It is two-tone with most of the head, and the nose, glazed in orange. The face is white. The sides have special holders for custom tiki torch shaped swizzle sticks (orange and red). Designed by SHAG, sculpted by Patrick Vassar, and manufactured by Eekum Bookum. The mug was created to celebrate the Tonga Hut's 60th anniversary. It came with a drink card for the "Fire Bird" cocktail (a riff on the Jungle Bird), by Marie King, using Rum Fire Jamaican rum, Coruba dark rum, Campari, Cynar, simple syrup, lime juice, and pineapple juice.

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    Tiki tOny Tangaroa Tiki Baby Mug

    This is a mug shaped like two stacked tiki babies with playful poses and their arms and legs stretched out. The mug was selected by Tony's fans who chose from 7 possible designs through social media and then pre-ordered the finished product.

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    Tiki Caliente 9 Event Mug a.k.a. Tiki Caliente 9 Menehune Mug

    This is a mug shaped like a male menehune standing atop a Tiki head and playing a ukulele. He has white hair and a white mustache and is wearing a red flower lei. The mug was designed by Doug Horne and manufactured by Eekum Bookum (John and Janet Mulder). These were available only to attendees. There were also a smaller edition of pieces (around 21) customized by different artists, displayed at an Art Show, and sold through silent auction at the event. The menehune design was inspired by vintage United Airlines menehune statues and decanters which portray the same older, mustached character.

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    Texas Tiki Week 2019 Armadillo Mug Brown

    This mug is shaped like an armadillo holding a guitar. Issued for the 7th Annual Texas Tiki Week and made by Eekum Bookum. This version is brown with red eyes. 200 mugs were made in the regular edition with numbers 1-100 in brown and numbers 101-200 in teal. Additionally, smaller editions were produced in matte black (5 each in matte black with blue wash and 5 each in matte black with green wash). Sold through their website after the event as well.

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    King Tā Moko Mug - First Edition - Pink - for Esotico Miami a.k.a. Maori Tattoo Elvis Mug Pink Shirt

    Bust of a young Elvis wearing a pink Aloha shirt, his face covered with traditional Māori tattoos. This design was released in other editions with different colored shirts, including a light blue and a darker blue with black details. A limited edition mug was produced for Christmas 2019 where the shirt is replaced with a red, fur trimmed Santa Coat with a sprig of holly on the lapel.

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    Kai Ku Diver Mug Brown

    This is a mug shaped like a Ku Tiki wearing an old fashioned diving helmet. This is the first edition in brown. The second edition has a tan suit.

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    Ahola-E-Moh Mug - Dark Brown & Turquoise - First Edition

    The "Ahola-E-Moh" (an anagram of "Home Aloha") mug is the very first product in the Home Aloha line, and is a collaboration between Jim Bacchi (Tikiyaki), Matt Reese (Reesenik) and John Mulder (mulder142) of Eekum Bookum Tiki Mugs. The design features a Witco inspired tiki, in dark brown, juxtaposed with turquoise accents and mug interior, sitting on a black lava rock base.

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    Blow Turtle

    This is a mug shaped like a cross between a blowfish and a sea turtle. Blow Turtle, also known as "Kappa de Fugu" in Japan, was born in the radioactive waters off the shores of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. The image was sculpted from a sketch by an anonymous fisherman. Believed to be a nuclear hybrid, Blow Turtle is depicted 1000 times its normal size. In reality, they are not much bigger than sea monkeys and are very hard to detect except for the rare occasion when they swarm upwards into the Quadrillions.

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    Shrunken Fugu Limited Edition a.k.a. Shrunken Fugu LTD

    This is a mug shaped like a fugu that has been shrunken. Real jute twine has been used to "sew" the eyes and mouth shut on each fugu. Glazed in either Black/White or Dead Skin Brown.

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    Arizona Tiki Oasis II Mug - Terra Cotta Orange - by SHAG a.k.a. Arizona Tiki Oasis 2020 Mug

    This is a mug shaped like a long faced tiki with coffee bean shaped eyes, a long narrow nose, puckered mouth, and hands held in front. Wood grain. Terra Cotta orange exterior with light aqua blue interior. Design by SHAG and manufactured by Bauer Pottery. This event mug was issued for the second annual Arizona Tiki Oasis, the twin event to the San Diego Tiki Oasis. This was held at the Valley Ho resort (est. 1956) in Old Town Scottsdale. There was also a smaller edition of 100 mugs in a blue glaze for the SHAG Store in Palm Springs.

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    Tiki Oasis 2020 Paradise Point Takeover Mug by Eekum Bookum a.k.a. Tiki Oasis 20 Mug

    The 2020 Tiki Oasis Mug is titled “Tiki Oasis Paradise Point Takeover” and is inspired by the grounds, architecture, and locale of Paradise Point Resort. Tiki Oasis’ Paradise Point mug features tikis from Caliente Tropics (Palm Springs) and the Hanalei Hotel (San Diego), where Tiki Oasis took place previously. The mug has a removable “hut” lid featuring a straw hole. Imagery featured on the mug includes tiki torches, palm trees, birds of paradise, coconuts, a rum box, and a peacock. There is also a fire feature/well for 151 high proof alcohol (or lemon extract) on the front of the mug, just below a Tiki Oasis logo.

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    Notch & MP Ku-Bar Mug

    This version of Ku-Bar mug was designed and produced by Notch and MP as a collaboration. The mug is based on his larger than life Ku Bar. This mug, shaped like Ku, has a bar in his belly and a row of mugs (Tiki Bobs or others) behind the bar. There have been several individualized one-offs of this design with these collaborators.

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    Desert Oasis Monkeypod Ku - Brown / Gold

    Modeled after the vintage monkeypod souvenir tikis that were made in the Philippines and sold all over Hawaii in the 60s and 70s. Also produced in Lava Green.

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    Ippai Limited Edition

    This is a mug shaped like a Tiki with a cavity in its belly for assorted "tummy stuffers." Comes in a variety of glaze colors as well. 100 limited and 25 super limited were made of this design.

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    Cook Island Fisherman's God a.k.a. Bosko Cook island Fisherman's God

    The Cook Island Fisherman's God mug was designed and manufactured by Bosko. He has an elongated head, angular features and a pronounced phallus.

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    Full-bodied Tiki with large open mouth baring teeth, small ears, and hands over belly. Glazed in lime green. The Apohu Mug was sold as a set with the print "The Drunken Cleric" and another mug, Monku, through shagmart.com. Released June, 2010 but marked as 2006.

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    Anglerfish Super Limited Edition Mug a.k.a. Anglerfish SLTD

    The Anglerfish is ready to lure you in with its (removable) cherry garnish. Behind the lure, though, is a deep sea fish with rows of razor sharp teeth! The limited edition of 100 is glazed in a yellowish brown with red fins and dead black eyes. This version, the super limited, is glazed in redwood brown with gloss red details on eyes, fins, and teeth.

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    The Three Wise Monkeys Limited Edition a.k.a. The Three Wise Monkeys LTD, The Three Monkeys - Coconut Style

    This coconut shaped mug features “The Three Wise Monkeys” (also known as "The Three Mystic Apes"). In Japan they are called individually by name Mizaru (See No Evil), Kikazaru (Hear No Evil) and Iwazaru (Speak No Evil). Ancient proverb describes these chaps as being of good mind, speech and action.

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    The Golden Tiki First Edition a.k.a. The Golden Tiki Limited Edition In Bone

    This mug is shaped like the mascot Golden Tiki from the bar's menu and logo. It is a full-body standing Tiki with large coffee bean shaped eyes and hands held in front. The arms have a gap between the body of the vessel and the mug. It was designed by Doug Horne and sculpted by Tiki Diablo. Premiered April 14, 2016. This version has a beige/bone-colored overall glaze color with a wipe-away brown that highlights the sculpt. White interior. These were numbered on the box they came in but not on the mugs themselves. The legend of the Golden Tiki can be read in full at the bar's website here: http://www.thegoldentiki.com/#!the-legend/c142g

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    Shag Short Ratongo Green

    This Shag tiki, produced by Tiki Farm is based on Shag's tiki mug painting Ratongo, and has a pale green tiki with a large head and a wide grin.

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    Shrunken Fugu Limited Edition a.k.a. Shrunken Fugu LTD

    This is a mug shaped like a fugu that has been shrunken. Real jute twine has been used to "sew" the eyes and mouth shut on each fugu. Glazed in either Black/White or Dead Skin Brown.

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    Rotten Ralph Series #1 Gray

    This is a mug shaped like a zombie head with an exposed brain. The style is cartoon-like with vacant oval eyes, a pug nose, and an overbite with four square teeth protruding. Cast in high-fire stoneware. Produced in different series with different colored glaze washes for each series.

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    Shag Eono Shot

    The Eono shot is a "Japanese exclusive" based on the artwork of Josh Agle aka Shag. The shot is white and shaped like a skull with different sized eye sockets in black and no lower jaw. Two of these shots accompany the Eono decanter.

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    Munktiki Wall Vase

    This green wall vase was manufactured by Munktiki. The tiki has large, round eyes, a stubby nose and a figure eight shaped mouth. Its hands are on its stomach.

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    Munktiki Wall Vase

    This green wall vase was manufactured by Munktiki. The tiki has large, round eyes, a stubby nose and a figure eight shaped mouth. Its hands are on its stomach.

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    Munk-E a.k.a. One-of-a-Kind Munktiki Monkey Mug

    This special line of one-of-a-kind mugs from Stuckie at Munktiki takes a basic monkey shape and plays with the different ways it can be customized. Every mug is different, and customizations can include resculpting, hand painting, and 14k gold or platinum accents.

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    Munktiki Double Tiki Wall Vase

    This purple wall vase was manufactured by Munktiki. It features two half tikis back to back. The tikis has large, round eyes, a stubby nose and a figure eight shaped mouth. The hands are on the stomach.

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    Full-bodied Tiki resembling a monkey. Glazed in lime green. The Monku Mug was sold as a set with the print "The Drunken Cleric" and another mug, Apohu, through shagmart.com. Released June, 2010 but marked as 2006.

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    Monster Brain Series #1 Turquoise Blue

    This mug belongs to the Weird-Oh's Rat Fink Big Daddy Roth Kustom genre. It is a mug shaped like a monster head with large crossed eyes, rows of sharp teeth, and its brain exposed. Made of high fire stoneware. There are multiple series of glaze combinations with different washes. This one, series one, is mostly white, with a wash of turquoise blue.

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    Kreepy Brown a.k.a. K.R.E.E.P.Y.

    This brown tiki mug was designed by Dr. Alderete and produced by Munktiki as a promotional item for Kreepy Records, based out of Texas. The mug is rectangular, with round eyes, and rectangular hands and mouth.

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    Kon Tiki Relight the Night Limited Edition Tiki Mug

    This is the event mug for the Relight the Night event that took place on April 10, 2010 at the Kon Tiki in Tucson, Arizona, to celebrate the relighting of their tiki torches. The mug was designed by Tucson-based artists Mark Bloom and Maggie Rickard of Velvet Glass, and sculpted by Squid. The mug is brown, and styled in a tribute to a vintage Milan Guanko carving at the Kon Tiki. This Limited Edition version has a lid, a green base that says "Kon Tiki," and two tiki torches. It was also available in a less-limited edition as just the mug.

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    Cavetiki Moai Bog Man a.k.a. Brown Caveman Moai Mug

    This tiki mug designed by Paul Nielsen is of a full-body moai caveman, complete with legs. The caveman is holding a club, and he has a grass skirt. This is the brown version, in "Bog Man."

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    Tikiyaki 10th Anniversary Mug In Bone a.k.a. Bongo Beatdown In Bone

    This mug, shaped like a tiki playing bongo drums, was issued to celebrate the Tikiyaki Orchestra's 10th anniversary. It was designed by Tiki Diablo. Released at their 10th Anniversary show, March 3, 2018 at Don The Beachcomber. There was also a brown version (limited to 100, making an overall edition of 150 including the 50 in Bone).

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    Tikiyaki Airways Frequent Flyer Mug

    This mug, which is based on the classic United Airlines Tiki, is glazed in a dark brown, and is standing on a suitcase, with "Jungle Jetsetter" across the front, and the Tikiyaki Airways globe logo emblazoned on the back in Blue.

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    Tikiyaki Polynesian Village Hotel Tiki Mug a.k.a. Aloha, Baby! Tiki Mug

    This limited edition mug was designed by Bosko for the release of the Tikiyaki Orchestra's CD, "Aloha, Baby!" It was designed to look "Old School" with a beige flat glaze for the body and a brown glossy glaze ring at the top and bottom. The mug has horizontal diamond shaped eyes, a broad nose, and a bow-shaped mouth without teeth. Back is stamped "Tikiyaki Polynesian Village Hotel."

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    Tiko Mugstack Mug

    This is one of four stackable tiki mugs offered by the Munktiki Vending Machine at the Tiki Art Two event at the Shooting Gallery in San Francisco in 2005. This mug is yellow-brown, a detailed tiki with coffee bean eyes on the side of its head. Small, with a narrow base to allow stacking.

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