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    Little Kahuna Shot Brown

    This shot has a brown exterior glaze and a white interior glaze. It has a Ku Tiki face with coffee bean-shaped eyes and a dogbone-shaped mouth lined with teeth.

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    Tiki Caliente 12 Event Mug a.k.a. Tiki Caliente 12 Female Menehune Mug - for 2021, Tiki Caliente XII Event Mug

    This is a mug shaped like a female menehune standing atop a Tiki head and playing a drum. She has a flower in her hair and is wearing a flower lei.

    The menehune design was inspired by vintage United Airlines menehune statues and decanters which portray the same female character as well as an older, mustached male character.

    This mug version was designed by Doug Horne and manufactured by Eekum Bookum (John and Janet Mulder).

    NOTE: There were also a number of artist custom versions which were auctioned off at the event.

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    The Protector of Paradise - First Edition - by Eekum Bookum - for The Reef in Palm Springs

    The Protector of Paradise mug depicts a tiki-mask-wearing native holding a spear (hole in hand to remove or replace spear).

    Based on a native dancer briefly shown in the film South Pacific (1958).

    Marked for The Reef on reverse.

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    Don Tiki “Hot Like Lava” Mug - Turquoise Blue with Red Interior - by Dr. Alderete

    This mug is shaped like a moai holding a record in front. It is glazed in blue with red interior and this color-way was limited to 250 pieces. The reverse features a wahine that appears on the Don Tiki album, Hot Like Lava.

    The mug was sold through Tiki Farm with a matching enamel pin featuring the same wahine on the album and reverse of the mug.

    The mug was also sold as a combination with the record release through lightintheattic.net

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    Tiki-Ti 60th Anniversary Tiki Mug - by SHAG

    A mug shaped like a tall, thin, tiki head with tiny eyes, a long nose, and rectangular mouth.

    Brown wipe glaze with wood grain pattern. Deep orange interior.

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    Lapu Lapu Pineapple Mug - 50th Anniversary Edition - by Tim Wollweber - for Disney's Polynesian Village Resort

    This is a lidded pineapple mug in dark brown with green leaves. The front features the Polynesian Village mascot, Maui. Marked “50” and “Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort” on reverse.

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    Aloha Joe in Brown for Lowbrow Aloha a.k.a. Aloha Joe For Lowbrow Aloha 3rd Edition

    "Aloha Joe" is the official Lowbrow Aloha event mug. This mug is a stylization of the Witco tiki fountain, one of which resides at Hala Kahiki, which has hosted the Lowbrow Aloha art show since 2016. The open basin allows you to put a piece of dry ice in it for a mysterious drink presentation. Design by House of Tabu (Ken Holewczynski) & DSK Designs, based on vintage Witco design. This third edition is finished in a brown matte finish.

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    Kakaui Tiki Mug a.k.a. SHAG Kakaui Tiki Mug

    This is a dark teal blue mug shaped like a Tiki head with slanted almond eyes and a bow shaped mouth lined with sharp pointed teeth. Four of these mugs came with the Kakaui set and accompanied a very large dark teal blue volcano bowl with light blue lava spilling over the top of the volcano and Tiki faces along the side. Also in the set was a signed (by Shag) and numbered 18"x18" serigraph. This was one of three similar limited edition sets. The other two include Kelena (in light blue) and Koei (in light green).

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    Navy Bob - First Edition - by MP Ceramics - for False Idol

    This is an adaptation of the classic Tiki Bob combined with some naval battle cruiser elements. The Bob head has his usual white face, cartoonish eyes, and small mouth, but the head is the prow of a battleship made of riveted steel, plunging through waves, and wearing a sailor's hat marked for the US NAVY.

    From False Idol on Facebook:

    "Meet Navy Bob!! Our first collaboration with mighty MP Ceramics! A celebration of both San Diego maritime history and adorable Bobness for our fifth anniversary. Navy Bob is setting sail today and being sold at our special events this afternoon. Limit one per person for $160 each, and only sold here."

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    Tiki Oasis 2021 Riki Tiki Mug - First Edition - by Eekum Bookum a.k.a. Tiki Oasis 21 Riki Tiki Mug - by Eekum Bookum

    This year's mug for Tiki Oasis is shaped like a tiki head with a lidded hat and flame on top.

    This event marks the first year that Tiki Oasis was held at the Town and Country Resort. The mug is modeled after their one and only vintage tiki on the premises -- a William Westenhaver Witco Mainlander carving named “Riki Tiki” that was placed atop their pavillion.

    On special occasions, Tiki torch flames or fireworks would be set off from his head. Riki caught fire a couple of times even though he was protected from the flames via a sheetmetal dulì (Chinese farmer’s hat).

    San Diego Fire Department officials soon put a stop to that, and Riki Tiki was relocated to good ol’ terra firma. The pavilion and Riki Tiki have survived under various names to this day.

    The mug was issued only on premises with the Deluxe Evening Resort Pass ($420) and the mug was billed as a $150 value.

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    Tiki Docks Mug - by Eekum Bookum - for both Tiki Docks locations

    This mug was released Friday, July 23rd for both Tiki Docks locations (Riverview and St. Petersburg).

    It features the seven tikis that are supposed to have been blown by a cyclone onto the banks of the Alafia River in 2016 and are featured in the restaurants.

    Designed by John Mulder and produced by his company, Eekum Bookum.

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    Quiet Village Signature Tiki Mug

    Mug designed and made exclusively for the forthcoming Quiet Village Tiki Bar in Austin, Texas. Four test glazes and 50 mugs were made depicting the tiki featured on the cover of Les Baxter's "Ritual of the Savage" LP, which contained the earliest recording of the song Quiet Village.

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    Macumba Green For Tonga Hut Palm Springs a.k.a. Tiki Diablo Macumba Green For Tonga Hut Palm Springs

    This mug's design is inspired by the tiki fountains by Witco. The mug has a neon green exterior and interior, and it is kneeling. This version of the mug was created for the Tonga Hut in Palm Springs.

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    Ku-Bar Mug

    The Ku-Bar mug was designed and produced by Notch. The mug is based on his larger than life Ku Bar. The brown mug, shaped like Ku, and a bar in his belly and a pocket behind his eyes for dry ice.

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    Tiki tOny Tangaroa Tiki Mug In Driftwood Glaze

    This is a mug shaped like a standing Tangaroa Tiki with a slightly cartoony style. He has coffee bean shaped eyes and a wood grain. The mug was made in different shades of "driftwood glaze" that aim for a vintage Treasure Craft look with darker shades picking out the detail in recessed areas. The first 17 premiered at Tiki Oasis 15.

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    Moai Buddha #1

    This is a large mug with a traditional seated Buddha body but with the head of a moai.

    First one was produced on March 2nd, 2020 in gold metal finish and a wide variety of colors and finishes have been released since then.

    Distinguishing characteristics:


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    Hukilau 2011 Mug Vanilla a.k.a. "Tiki For 2" Vanilla Mug, 2011 "Huki" Vanilla Mug

    This mug was designed by Kevin Kidney and produced by Munktiki for the 2011 Hukilau. The mug is a Rarotongan head with protruding ears, a flat, broad nose and an open mouth. The glaze is vanilla with an orange sherbet interior. The 2011 version came paired as a matched set with an identically sculpted mug glazed in a matte brown with tan speckles and a green interior. Hence the name "Tiki For 2".

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    Sunset Tiki Mug

    The Sunset Tiki Mug was designed by Scott Schiedly aka Flounder for Tiki Farm. The brown hiball features four tiki masks in relief around the base. Above that are the images from Flounder's Sunset Tiki painting, Kava Kava man, a Marquesan tiki and a Witco tiki. This is the first mug to feature a 4-color process clear glaze coated and fired art.

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    Rocket Rider - First Edition - by Paul Nielsen - for Munktiki

    This mug was created by Paul Nielsen and is a continuation of his Skull Monkey amusement ride series. It shows Skull Monkey with a ray gun and riding a rocket. Glazed in teal blue.

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    Ambum Stone Pre-Tiki Mug - by MiniTikiMeow

    This mug is shaped like the Ambum Stone artifact, a 1500 BC Papua New Guinea stone sculpture.

    This artifact looks like a small long-snouted animal sitting upright with its hands on its belly.

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    MAI TA(H)I Tiki Mug - by Zigi Tiki and Jerk Kustoms

    This two-faced bucket shaped mug is a collaboration between Zigi Tiki and Jerk Kustoms out of Switzerland.

    It is named based on the Tahitian design of both tiki faces.

    Each is differently glazed and one-of-a-kind.

    They are blind-boxed and the artist that custom made each one is unknown until opened.

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    Sven Kirsten's The Book of Tiki 20th Anniversary Tiki Mug - Amber Edition by SHAG a.k.a. Sven's Mr. Cannibal Mug Amber

    This SHAG designed mug features a cannibal style tiki holding a copy of the Book of Tiki and taking a big bite out of the top of it. This is the third edition in amber.

    There are three color ways of this design whose release was planned as follows:

    PHASE 1: the launch, with 100 limited BLUE edition mugs, numbered and certified by Sven and Shag, for $150 a mug, sold at the Original Tiki Marketplace on September 12th, 2020. Numbers 1/100 to 5/100 were held back and put up on e-Bay for auction.

    PHASE 2: the next phase, with a 100 limited RED glaze edition in conjunction with a matching Shag print, available at the SHAG STORE for $250 each.

    PHASE 3: the last phase, with a 1,000 piece AMBER glaze edition from Tiki Farm, for $75 per mug.

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    Captain Tiki Mug - Limited Edition - Brown - by Squid - for Bauer Pottery

    This mug is shaped like a Papua New Guinea Abelam Mask figure wearing an airline Captain's uniform and hat with pilot's wings. He is seated in a plane's cockpit captain's seat and holding a steering wheel.

    The Captain Mug was sold as a set with a second Tourist Mug shaped like a Marquesan tiki wearing a flat straw hat, a flower lei around his neck, holding a camera to his chest, and with two travel suitcases at his sides.

    These two mugs were both glazed in gloss brown for this limited edition of 75 pieces. They came in a custom printed box with pilot's ID, baggage claim tag, a Bauer International pilots wings pin, auto decal, vintage matchbook, and surprise island snapshots.

    The limited edition was followed by an open edition with the same mugs glazed in gloss gray.

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    Tiki tOny's Keiki Bob Mug - for TikiLand Trading a.k.a. Tiki tOny's Baby Yoda Mug, Tiki tOny's Grogu Mug

    This is a tiki-fied rendering of the popular character of Grogu (sometimes referred to as The Child or Baby Yoda) from The Mandalorian television series on Disney +, which is part of the greater Star Wars franchise.

    From TikiLand Trading:

    "Unkle Coco, the Tikilorian, had a heckuva time babysitting this youngling. Born with mysterious powers, Keiki Bob is sure to impress if you let him loose in the cantina with his outer rim concoctions."

    This piece was designed by Tiki tOny, sculpted by THOR, manufactured overseas, and produced by TikiLand Trading.

    Came with an enamel pin, a green swizzle stick featuring Grogu at top and a long-legged frog at bottom, and a recipe card for a Frog Cutter cocktail (play on Fog Cutter and the fact Grogu likes to eat frogs).

    This was a pre-sale that was ordered on December 2020 but did not start to arrive with customers until January 2021.

    Distinguishing characteristics:


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    Tourist Tiki Mug - Limited Edition - Brown - by Squid - for Bauer Pottery

    This Tourist mug is shaped like a Marquesan tiki wearing a flat straw hat, a flower lei around his neck, holding a camera to his chest, and with two travel suitcases at his sides.

    The Tourist Mug was sold as a set with a second Captain Mug shaped like a Papua New Guinea Abelam Mask figure wearing an airline Captain's uniform and hat with pilot's wings. He is seated in a plane's cockpit captain's seat and holding a steering wheel.

    These two mugs were both glazed in gloss brown for this limited edition of 75 pieces. They came in a custom printed box with pilot's ID, baggage claim tag, a Bauer International pilots wings pin, auto decal, vintage matchbook, and surprise island snapshots.

    The limited edition was followed by an open edition with the same mugs glazed in gloss gray.

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    Wide-Mouthed Papua New Guinea Mask Mug With Nose Bone - by Idol Hands

    This is described by Tiki Dylan as two pieces that are spliced together. The body of the mug is attached to a separate molding of the mask. There is no back to the mask, which sticks up past the rim of the vessel. These are difficult to make and have only been released a few at a time, starting around 06/15/2016 when these were premiered at the Graven Idol Art Show. These have been released in a variety of glaze colors.

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    Big Head Marquesan - Hand Detailed Edition - by Idol Hands

    This is a mug shaped like a large Marquesan style tiki head with carved hand detailing on one side of the mug. These have been issued in a variety of glazes with different hand engraved designs.

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    Mookie Mug

    A cute two-toned Tiki mug with small ears on side, small nose, downcast eyes and hands clasped in front.

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    Mid-Mod Suffering Bastard Tiki Mug - Matte Black by Odd Rodney #1

    This is a mid-mod version of the classic Suffering Bastard mug used at Trader Vic's and elsewhere. There was a matte black and a matte white produced. The interiors were also glazed in a choice of different colors (green or orange mod color gloss glazes). Stoneware.

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    Stowaway Tiki Mug - Limited Edition - by SHAG - for Stowaway Tiki Bar

    This is a mug shaped like a stowaway tiki peeking his head out of a rum barrel. The tiki has "jewel" red eyes. Marked "SHAG" and "Stowaway" on reverse.

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    Inuhele a.k.a. Inuhele Fade Version

    This is a tiki mug designed for the Inuhele Atlanta Tiki Home Bar Tour. It is based on a Barney West carving that was installed at the Atlanta Dinkler Luau, AKA the Dobbs House Luau Atlanta, Atlanta Luau, during its operation from the 1950s through 1970s. Additional carving in the form of wood aging and tattooing cover the arms of the figure. Sculpt and manufactured by Eekum Bookum / Vassar. Mug concept by Jonathan M. Chaffin. There is a brown Limited Edition issued for the event, this "Fade Version" from the manufacturer's website (that fades from green at top to brown at bottom), and also a Super Limited Edition of 6.

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    Koro The Midnight Dancer Tiki Mug - Limited Edition - Orange - by SHAG

    This is a SHAG designed tiki mug of Koro, the Midnight Dancer, one of the opening act tikis from Disneyland's Enchanted Tiki Room. It is glazed in orange with a bowl-shaped opening at top and a yellow interior. These were sold, starting November 9th, 2020 only at Disneyland's Downtown Disney brick-and-mortar shopping area through reserved shopping.

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    Suffering Bastard Mo'ai KavaKava - First Edition - Gray by Eekum Bookum for Suffering Bastard

    This is the skeletal head of a traditional Mo'ai KavaKava, glazed in a slate gray, with white irises, branded on reverse for the Suffering Bastard Bar in Sanford, Florida. The bar opened April 5th, 2019. It is semi-hidden inside of Tuffy's Bottle Shop, but you can find Suffering Bastard on your way to the outdoor garden.

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    Rum Nehune - First Edition - by Eekum Bookum a.k.a. Menehune with Rum Barrel Mug

    This is a mug shaped like a rum barrel held from behind by a male menehune with gray hair, gray mustache and red & yellow flower lei and board shorts.

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    Morongo Tiki Mug - by Beachbumz a.k.a. Morongo Moai Mug - by Beachbumz

    This is a mug shaped like a tall moai head sitting on a round base. Each is uniquely glazed and has custom decoration on the base (woodgrain, tapa, lava texture, etc...) and sometimes custom details to the head itself. They are released in small batches of a couple dozen at a time and sell out very quickly!

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    Arizona Tiki Oasis II Mug - Blue - by SHAG a.k.a. Arizona Tiki Oasis 2020 Mug Blue

    This is a mug shaped like a long faced tiki with coffee bean shaped eyes, a long narrow nose, puckered mouth, and hands held in front. Wood grain. Design by SHAG and manufactured by Bauer Pottery. This event mug was issued in a terra cotta orange glaze for the second annual Arizona Tiki Oasis, the twin event to the San Diego Tiki Oasis. This was held at the Valley Ho resort (est. 1956) in Old Town Scottsdale. This blue version is a smaller edition of 100 mugs for the SHAG Store in Palm Springs.

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    5-O Tiki Mug - by MiniTikiMeow

    This mug is based on an early Coco Joe's resin statue that made appearances in the original Hawaii 5-O television series (1968-1980). It is a Ku tiki with upturned nostrils and figure-eight mouth, eyes obscured by two sets of heavy brow ridges accented by rows of triangles. The mugs are glazed in a golden brown resembling the Coco Joe's piece, but interiors are glazed in a range of different colors (red, white, green). Sold through events or direct messaging through Carol Gravem's (MiniTikiMeow's) Instagram account.

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    Shag Tiki Lamp Mug a.k.a. Shag Moai Lamp Mug

    This is a stylized Moai head mug with round "button" decorations along the ears and base. Originally, the sculpt was intended to be a large mug, like this, but Shag suggested it be used for a lamp base instead. Years after the production of the lamps, Tiki Farm contracted with GoTiki to make a small run of the originally intended mugs from the existing mold. 10 mugs were produced in 2012 from a planned edition of 50. (The project eventually fell through; the remaining 40 mugs may be produced at a later date.) Glaze colors vary.

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    WitchDoctor Tiki Mug

    This is a mug shaped like a horned tiki head with an open mouth lined with sharp teeth, small round eyes, and no nose. "The WitchDoctor" is a kinetic, black-light, stop-motion short film set in a mysterious Tiki wonderland. It was funded through KickStarter and the mug was offered in the thank-you gift bracket to those who pledged $125 or more at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/473450133/the-witchdoctor

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    Mr. Macapuno a.k.a. Tiki Kaimuki Coconut Mug

    This is a mug shaped like a brown coconut with skull-like features (large white eye sockets, small nostrils, and large white teeth). There is also a special limited edition version done for Smuggler's Cove in San Francisco.

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    Aztec Death Whistle Limited Edition a.k.a. Munktiki Aztec Death Whistle LTD Edition

    In the 1990s, archeologists in Mexico City unearthed a 500-year-old skeleton near an ancient Aztec temple - a victim of human sacrifice. Perhaps even more chilling was what the beheaded skeleton was holding: two small whistles, one in the shape of a skull. When a researcher blew into one of the tiny instruments, the horrifying sounds that emerged immediately captivated imaginations. One scholar described the noise as a shriek of death. The dreadful, high-pitched sound of the whistle is perhaps most comparable to a human scream. The true purpose of these artifacts has baffled experts. Were they used to terrorize enemies in warfare? Were they used to induce trances as part of healing rituals? Perhaps they were used in the ritual of human sacrifice? Nobody knows. This is the limited edition glazed version of this mug design.

    Distinguishing characteristics:


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    Tahitian Tiki Head a.k.a. Marquesan Tiki Mug

    A Marquesan inspired Tiki head mug. Made of high fire clay and fired to cone 10. Available in several different glaze colors. Slipcast off of an original that was thrown on the potter's wheel and carved.

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    God of Fortune Tiki Mug Super Limited Edition a.k.a. God of Fortune Tiki Mug SLTD

    This mug is based on a Witco carving called "Fortune God" and exhibits the look of Witco with its raised grain and torch blackened recesses. The Super Limited Edition has lettering on back of mug picked out in same orange color as interior glaze to contrast against otherwise brown wood color.

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    Hidden Harbor Tiki Diablo Marquesan Idol Brown

    A mug shaped like a traditional Marquesan tiki holding a smaller tiki in its hands and standing on a bottom drum-like basin fused to the body of the mug and designed to accommodate dry ice and flame effects. Each mug came in a custom crate style box designed by Tony Canepa. Two color-ways were produced, this version in brown and a second version in bone white. The brown glaze is actually "multi-dimensional" and meant to resemble uplighting by fire with browns, blacks, reds, and oranges. Released 09/07/2019.

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    Suffering Bob

    From Smuggler's Cove Instagram: First envisioned back in 2011 as a painting by MP, we began discussions to bring it to life for Smuggler’s Cove many years ago and we're so happy with the results! A true celebration of San Francisco’s greatest tiki icons, the Suffering Bob mug marries Trader Vic’s Suffering Bastard (aka Mai Tai Joe) with Bob Bryant and Alec Yuill-Thornton’s Tiki Bob. Sculpted and produced in California by MP, Suffering Bob stands (squats?) a mighty 9.5” high and is finished in a color matched body with a white antiqued crackle glaze on the face. Smuggler’s Cove SC logo and San Francisco on the back complete this tribute in a signed and numbered limited edition of 100 for $200 ea. ON SALE TUESDAY, MAY 26th at 10AM PDT ONLINE ONLY at the SC website store

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    Tonga-Poya Golden Edition a.k.a. Tangaroan Chachapoyan Fertility Idol Mug, Indiana Jones Raiders Idol & Tangaroan Hybrid

    Tonga-Poya is a hybrid design of the Chachapoya Fertility Idol featured in Raiders of the Lost Ark, and a female Tangaroa Tiki. Designed by Bill Grayson for Kaku Kaku Tiki Design, sculpt and mug production by John Mulder, Eekum Bookum. The Limited Edition consisted of 125 pieces. There was also a Super Limited Edition of 50 mugs, with 7 sets of five in various glazes, and 15 that were uniquely decorated by Eekum Bookum with no duplicates. Lastly, was a Golden Edition limited to 25 pieces.

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    Witco Cat Mug

    This is a mug shaped like a wood grained Witco style cat. Mug was released at the 1st Anniversary Event at TikiCat bar in Kansas City, MO, on April 14, 2018.

    Distinguishing characteristics:


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    Tonga Hut 60th Anniversary Mug - Limited Edition - Orange

    This is a mug shaped like a tall, elongated, orange Moai head with a white face. It is two-tone with most of the head, and the nose, glazed in orange. The face is white. The sides have special holders for custom tiki torch shaped swizzle sticks (orange and red).

    Designed by SHAG, sculpted by Patrick Vassar, and manufactured by Eekum Bookum. The mug was created to celebrate the Tonga Hut's 60th anniversary.

    It came with a drink card for the "Fire Bird" cocktail (a riff on the Jungle Bird), by Marie King, using Rum Fire Jamaican rum, Coruba dark rum, Campari, Cynar, simple syrup, lime juice, and pineapple juice.