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Tiki Mug Design

Tiki tOny's Hanging Toucan Tiki Mug - Orange/Yellow Edition - by Tiki tOny - for TikiLand Trading Company

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From TikiLand Trading Company:

"Tuki Tuki, the Hanging Toucan Mug was born from the jungles of Tiki tOny’s beachcomber shack. One day while Lost Tiki was over for a visit to sip some rum, he was mystified by all the toucan carvings hanging from the shack… he thought to himself, why don’t we make that toucan over there in the perch into a mug!? Tiki tOny thought that was the best idea since chocolate chips had been invented!

Lost Tiki got out his teletype machine, clicked some dashes and dots of code over to our esteemed Art Director and master sculptor Thor, who took tOny’s whittles and sketches and transformed them into this beautiful mug which we have here today!

From the minds of Tiki tOny, Lost Tiki and Thor, Tuki Tuki the Hanging Toucan Mug is masterfully brought to life by us at Tikiland Trading Co. and looking to be adopted to a good tiki hut like yours! No messy clean ups, food or drink required for this fine feathered friend, just a splash or two of rum here and there will keep this tiki bird happy and healthy!

-Tiki tOny

Price: $135 (Whoopsies are $120), includes US shipping (This price will increase in the future as less become available)

Mug size and volume: This mug is approximately 8.75 inches tall and holds about 24 oz (this will vary from mug to mug depending on wall thickness when it was made)."

Also available in a Multicolored Edition and in a Turquoise/Green Edition.