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Tiki Mug Design

Professor Price Tiki Mug - by Squid & Tiki Maniacs

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This is a mug featuring Vincent Price and a tiki as they both appeared in "The Brady Bunch" The Tiki Caves (TV Episode 1972) with Vincent Price as Professor Hubert Whitehead.

From Tiki Maniacs:

"Presenting Vincent Price as the 'Professor Price Tiki Mug'! Truly a loving fan art tribute, this mug was inspired by Vincent Price's iconic guest starring role in one of our favorite 1969 to 1974 TV shows. He played an eccentric archaeologist hiding inside a tiki-filled cave on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu. His presence added a touch of mystery and excitement, making these episodes among the most memorable in the entire series.

The Professor Price Tiki Mug was designed by Tiki Maniacs and Squid. Sculpted by Squid. The Estate of Vincent Price has officially authorized this mug in his likeness. It was sculpted in a whimsical style reminiscent of the 1970's United Airlines Menehune advertising figures -- and made to match perfectly with last year's Groovy Greg Tiki Mug!

All mugs include a custom made Tabu Idol shaped swizzle stick. These were hand crafted in the USA from high grade food safe 1/8 inch thick acrylic and non-toxic food safe paint. Perfect to accessorize your Professor Price Tiki Mug or any drinking vessel in your collection! Also includes a 5x7 art print / recipe card illustrated by Benjamin Burch with an exclusive cocktail recipe by renown mixologist Tiki Dan Choiniere.

Mugs are 9.5 inches tall by 5.75 inches wide, hold 28 ounces of liquid, and weigh nearly 3 pounds.

This is a limited edition of 500 mugs."