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Tiki Mug Design

The Sacrifice Mug - by Tiki Maniacs

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This is a mug shaped like the hand of Mola Ram (worshipper of the Hindu Goddess of Death, Kali) holding a bloody human heart to sacrifice.

From Tiki Maniacs:

"Tiki Maniacs is proud to release Chapter 3 of our Trio of Terror, 'The Sacrifice' ceramic cocktail mug. This is a truly gruesome fan art tribute to one of the greatest adventure movies of all time. These are life-sized mugs that stand almost 10 inches tall and were made to fit comfortably in your hand. These mugs were sculpted by tiki artist legend Squid, designed by Tiki Maniacs, and are limited to 500 pcs. Includes a red twisty straw and 'Mola Rum Daiquiri' recipe card. In stock now and ready to ship! Grab two – one for you and one for the Indy fan in your life. These make great gifts!

The mug measures 9.75 inches tall and holds approximately 8oz of liquid.

Please note these mugs were hand made and there will be slight variations in glaze texture, colors, and surface appearance – especially with regards to the red glaze 'blood' drips. Please review our return policy if you have any questions.

Mugs will be double boxed with plenty of padding for a safe journey. Due to the weight, size and cost of packing materials, there will be no discount for multiple mug purchases."