Nguzu Nguzu (noozoo-noozoo) Solomon Islands Canoe Prow Mug - Super Limited Edition - for Max's South Seas Hideaway #6

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From Max's South Seas Hideaway:

"Solomon Islands Nguzu Nguzu Canoe Prow (edition of 25)

This mug is based on a wood carving found inside Max’s. The nguzu nguzu (sometimes called a musu musu or toto isu) is the traditional figurehead which was formerly affixed to canoes in the Solomon Islands. It was attached to the canoe's prow at the waterline, and was held to provide supernatural protection during expeditions. Nguzu nguzus typically depict bust-length figures with large heads, small arms, and circular ear ornaments; the hands are raised to the figure's chin, sometimes clasping either another head or a bird. Their jutting jaws were traditionally held to be an attribute of spirits.

This edition of 25 mugs was made by our ceramics team in Max’s in-house ceramics studio. All mugs are numbered on the bottom. They hold 14 oz of liquid. The mug comes in two pieces, with the mug resting on the shoulders and arms."

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