The Little Fiji Mermaid Mug - First Edition - by Shima Ceramics

a.k.a. Ariel Fiji Mermaid Mug - First Edition - by Shima Ceramics in 0 collections

This mug is a riff on Disney's Little Mermaid that crosses her with P.T. Barnum's Fiji Mermaid.

From Shima Ceramics:

"What if the Little Mermaid had lost her looks instead of her voice? The sea witch Ursula has cursed Ariel, turning her into a Fiji Mermaid. Will Prince Eric still fall in love with her?

With this mug I envisioned Ariel as P.T. Barnum's Fiji Mermaid.

She stands 10" tall and holds 16 oz of Fog Cutter or other boozy tropical concoction. It’s a two part mug, lid and base.

This mug will be a very Limited Edition; we are making only 100 mugs in this color. If demand is high we may make up to another 100 in other colors a few months down the line.

It was a blast and a challenge to hand-sculpt, and each one took many hours to glaze. They are made 100% from start to finish by Shima Ceramics in Port Costa, CA.

Pre-order. $195, FREE U.S. domestic shipping. Ships in about 2-4 weeks."

*NOTE: The Little Mermaid is a 1989 American animated musical fantasy film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and released by Walt Disney Pictures. The 28th Disney animated feature film, it is loosely based on the 1837 Danish fairy tale of the same name by Hans Christian Andersen. The film tells the story of a teenage mermaid princess named Ariel, who dreams of becoming human and falls in love with a human prince named Eric, which leads her to make a magic deal with the sea witch, Ursula, to become human and be with him.

**NOTE: The Fiji Mermaid, aka Feejee Mermaid, is completely unrelated to the Island of Fiji and its inhabitants. It was named so because it was said to have been caught near Fiji, when in fact it was constructed by Japanese fishermen who attached the upper half of a monkey to the lower half of a fish. It was acquired by P.T. Barnum and displayed in Barnum’s American Museum in 1842.


Chris Shima
Shima Ceramics
Shima Ceramics
Production Count


10 Jun 2022
USD 195.00

Physical Characteristics

Red / Beige
16 fl. oz.
Wahine or Woman
"The Little Fiji Mermaid" on side of yellow plaque.
Distinguishing Characteristics
red, beige, black, green, purple, and yellow glazes on this first edition


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