The King Tiki Mug

a.k.a. King Kong With Tiki in 2 collections

This mug is Tiki Farm's first-ever open edition collaboration with Anthony Carpenter. The King gets its inspiration from the historical, original “King Kong” motion picture. It features a grimacing Kong in aloha shirt and lei cradling a large tiki. The reverse features Fay Wray with a cocktail and a fedora-sporting skull island mountain. Glazed in a wipe brown glaze for an overall brownish beige color and with clear overglaze.


Tiki Farm

Physical Characteristics

"The KING" on lower front. "Carpenter Mfg. by Tiki Farm ©2018" on bottom.

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Mjmarker Sean aloha.taboo Trader Tom

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Tiki Farm
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Date Created
8 Jun 2020
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16 Jul 2020
Trader Tom
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