Nightmarchers Bowl

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Released Saturday, March 12th at 7pm at The Bamboo Club in Long Beach, CA.

From the Big Toe Art website:

"Introducing the NIGHTMARCHERS Bowl!

Designed by the 2021 Gargantuas artist collective: Bigtoe, Ken Ruzic, Doug Horne and McBiff, sculpted by Tom Thordarson, aka Thor and Manufactured by Bauer Pottery.

Limited edition of 150 pieces. limit one per person.

Each Bowl is signed and numbered and comes in a custom box with a special cocktail recipe card for the Nightmarcher cocktail designed by Damien at @krakatocreative"

The Hawaiian Legend of the Nightmarchers

On the nights honoring the Hawaiian gods Kāne, Kū, Lono, or on the nights of Kanaloa they are said to come forth from their burial sites, or to rise up from the ocean, and to march in a large group to ancient Hawaiian battle sites or other sacred places. The legend says the night marchers are warriors, dressed for battle, carrying spears, clubs, and some are beating war drums and blowing tones from conch shells, to announce the advancing of their march. According to the myth, they are suspended in air; their feet do not touch water or ground as they traverse through the night, and they leave no evidence of their visitations. They march in darkness after sunset and march as a group continuously until just before sunrise. Anyone living along their path may hear chanting, sounds of blown conch shell tones, and marching noises in the night. The following signs are a foul and musky “death-like” odor, and torches getting brighter and brighter as the night marchers get closer. Nightmarchers might appear during the day if they are to escort a dying relative to the spirit world.


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12 Mar 2022
USD 200.00

Physical Characteristics

Black / Red
Signed by all artists on bottom.
Distinguishing Characteristics
black exterior glaze with red interior

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