Glass Ashtray - for Aloha Jhoe's

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This is a clear round glass ashtray with a heat decal featuring a Duk-Duk figure and marked for "Aloha Jhoe's Palm Springs".

Duk-Duk is a secret society, part of the traditional culture of the Tolai people of the Rabaul area of New Britain, the largest island in the Bismarck Archipelago of Papua New Guinea, in the South Pacific. In ritual dances, members of the society invoke the male spirit duk duk and female spirit tubuan depending on which mask the dancer wears. The dancers are always male despite the fact that some are performing the role of female spirits. Women and children were forbidden to look at these figures. Both types of mask are cone-shaped and are constructed of cane and fibre, with short, bushy capes of leaves. Traditionally the duk duk was taller than the tubuan and was faceless. The tubuan had circular eyes and a crescent-shaped mouth painted on a dark background. In addition to the mask, leaves cover the torso of the dancers so that only their legs are visible.


Aloha Jhoe's

Physical Characteristics

White / Red
"Aloha Jhoe's Palm Springs"
Distinguishing Characteristics
clear glass with red and white heat decal in center

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10 Nov 2023
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10 Nov 2023
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