Daikoku Mug - Green - by Tiki Farm - for Pyrat Rum

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Daikoku is one of the Seven Lucky Gods and his images are found in temples across Tibet and China. He is a household deity in Japan and often considered a god of wealth or kitchen god. This mug shows him carrying his magic mallet. This mallet of plenty can miraculously produce anything desired when struck. Some Japanese say that coins fall out when he shakes his mallet.

Daikoku is an interesting choice for this Pyrat Rums mug since their normal mascot is Hotei but they are similar characters with portly physiques and magic items that dispense treasure.

Hotei is the figure on the medallion on every bottle of Pyrat rum. The roots of rum trace back to early Asia, where scholars agree the first distillation of sugarcane juice was produced. And so, the history of rum is very much the history of sugar in Asia and Hotei honors Asia’s preeminent and important role in the origin of this popular spirit.

The Hotei monk is the patron saint and Zen protector of fortunetellers and bartenders. This socially enlightened mystic, often considered the god of contentment and happiness, is always depicted with a cheerful smile, a bald head, and a portly belly. Ancient scrolls tell of Hotei’s fondness for libations and he is commonly seen carrying a large cloth sack that never empties, from which he gregariously dispenses food and drink and other treasures.


Tiki Farm

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Light Green
"Pyrat Rums" on reverse. "Mfg. By Tiki Farm ©2015" on bottom.
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light green

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