Tikitiki Bowling Bar

New Territories, Hong Kong SAR China

Tikitiki Bowling Alley opened on October 15, 2015 in Sai Kung, in Hong Kong's New Territories. It is a large attraction, with three bars, a restaurant and a live music venue in addition to the bowling lanes.

The Krakatoa Lanes are ten bowling lanes, topped with a massive video screen with tropical and party scenes. Light fixtures are lava inspired, and the pins and balls are fluorescent colors and lit with black light.

Sea Dogs & Mermaids is the main bar, a large bar shaped like a ship and built of rustic wood, decorated in a nautical style. A row of tikis faces into the bar area. The bar serves classic tropical drink recipes a la Beachbum Berry, and a selection of their own creations, in tiki mugs.

Beach Bums & Cannibals is a fine dining restaurant. The room is ringed with carved tiki panels on eggplant purple walls, with matching purple shag throw rugs under each rustic wooden table. Candelabras and chandeliers provide the lighting.

Other areas include the Octopus's Garden, with live music acts performing in front of tiki masks; and Island of the Gods, an outdoor dining area overlooking the hills of Sai Kung, backed with a row of tall tikis.

Bar, Bowling Alley & Restaurant
New Territories, Hong Kong SAR China
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