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Tiki Tom's - Oakland

Oakland, California, United States

Tiki Tom's was a Polynesian/Caribbean restaurant, bar and banquet facility on an estuary in Oakland. This Tiki Tom's location opened in late 2008, two years after its owner, Tom Davies (Tiki Tom) sold his share of the original Tiki Tom's location in Walnut Creek; the two locations were otherwise unconnected.

Tiki Tom's burned down under "suspicious circumstances" shortly after their liquor license expired and the power was cut off, in October 2010.

The bar featured a mosaic by Laurel True (then of the Institute of Mosaic Art) 3 which survived the fire.

The location is now the aptly-named Phoenix Commons senior co-housing project.


Bar, Rental Facility & Restaurant
Oakland, California, United States
Yes (Permanently)