Tiki-Tiki Bang Bang

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

This is a speakeasy bar that has front access through an old video store.

It opened in October 22nd, 2016 as a Quentin Tarantino inspired bar. It was originally named Video Archive, taking its name from the video store where grindhouse auteur Tarantino famously got his education in all things film.

However, as of July 10th, 2020, with encouragement from their patrons, they decided to change their name and re-brand themselves as a tiki bar.

The change was not a "from scratch" new build-out. The space still looks much the same but with the addition of some added tropical/tiki decorations.

However, their menu is now full tiki.

In addition to the working video store out front and the tiki bar beyond that, there is an outside patio area in back where they sometimes set up a screen and view their favorite films.

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24 May 2023
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