Los Angeles, California, United States

This famous little bar is a Los Angeles institution and was opened on April 28th, 1961 by Ray Buhen. It is now owned and operated by Ray's son Mike Buhen and grandson Mike Buhen, Jr.

The Tiki-Ti drink menu has over 80 drinks, but picking one can feel a little bit like picking a race horse. The menu is divided into sections for the base alcohols, but beyond that, it's just a list of colorful names. These recipes are closely guarded family secrets. There are plenty of classic cocktails on the menu, but many of the drinks are the creation of Ray or his son or grandson. One of Ray's creations, Blood & Sand, is named for the Tyrone Power bullfighting film by the same name, and as it is being mixed the bar's patrons call out "Toro, Toro!" Mike or Mike will happily take the time to ask you a few questions and guide you to a drink you're sure to like.

On Wednesdays, a tribute is made to Ray -- a bell is rung five times, and the whole bar stops what they're doing to toast to Ray.

For decades, Tiki-Ti was owner-operated, with no employees, making it one of the very few places in California that could allow smoking. In June 2015, the Buhens hired their very first employee, longtime regular Greg Bansuelo, to help behind the bar. Smoking is no longer permitted at Tiki-Ti.

The Buhens close the bar when they go on vacation; be sure to check the Tiki-Ti website's calendar to make sure they are open before you stop by. Tiki-Ti is extremely small (just 12 barstools and a small handful of tables), and is incredibly popular so if you don't like crowds, be sure to get there right as it opens, preferably on a Wednesday. Be sure to bring plenty cash as they don't accept credit cards. There is an ATM in the back, but it charges a hefty fee and is sometimes hard to reach when the place is packed.

In 2021, during the downtime from the Covid closure, the front of the interior bar was given a facelift by Anders Anderson (A-Frame) with bamboo fronting and diamond-shaped panels decorated with tapa cloth and carved tiki masks. Anders previously had donated a traditional swag lamp or two as well.

Los Angeles, California, United States
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  1. Trader Tom - 24 Mar 2016

    I was here for their 55th anniversary mug release. I've been here numerous times over the years but I've never been a regular. I think the first time I went might have been in 2006 after attending an event at Wacko's Soap Plant Gallery nearby. This was back in the smoking days! Their drinks always look so impressive with all the foam on top. I think they use Frothee or some other product. Used to get the Lemon Heart Lemon Heads all the time. Delicious!

31 Tiki Mugs

  1. Tiki-Ti Raging Bull Mug - Third Edition - Red With Light Brown Bar

  2. Swag Lamp Mug - by THOR - for The Tiki-Ti

  3. Ray Buhen Mug - by THOR - for The Tiki-Ti

  4. Tiki-Ti 60th Anniversary Tiki Mug - by SHAG

  5. Cobra Fang v2.0 - Buhen Blue Edition - Light Brown with Light Blue Wash - by Tiki Diablo - for Tiki-Ti

  6. Cobra Fang v2.0 - I Love Ray Edition - Dark Brown with Green Wash - by Tiki Diablo - for Tiki-Ti

  7. Cobra Fang v2.0 - Blood 'N Sand Edition - Brown with Red Wash - by Tiki Diablo - for Tiki-Ti

  8. Tiki-Ti 60th Anniversary Bowl - by Eric October

  9. Cobra Fang v2.0 - Bloody Tiki Edition - White & Red - by Tiki Diablo - for Tiki-Ti

  10. Cobra Fang v2.0 - Green Lizard Edition - Green - by Tiki Diablo - for Tiki-Ti

  11. Cobra Fang v2.0 - Sunset Boulevard Edition - Reddish Brown - by Tiki Diablo - for Tiki-Ti

  12. Death by Uga Booga - by Munktiki for the Tiki-Ti

  13. Hook Mug - Desert Stone - Tiki-Ti

  14. Hook Mug - Hawaiian Sunset - Tiki-Ti

  15. Hook Mug - Emerald Jade - Tiki-Ti

  16. Tiki-Ti Raging Bull Mug - Second Edition - Gloss Black With Light Beige Bar

  17. Tiki-Ti Raging Bull Mug - First Edition - Satin Black With Dark Brown Bar

  18. Tiki-Ti Scorpion Bowl Brown & Blue

  19. Tiki-Ti Ray's Mistake Mug

  20. Tiki-Ti 55th Anniversary Tiki Mug Limited Edition

  21. Tiki-Ti Scorpion Bowl Brown & Red

  22. Tiki-Ti Mai Tai Glass

  23. Tiki-Ti Coconut Mug

  24. Tiki-Ti 54th Anniversary Mug Light Brown

  25. Tiki-Ti Ashtray

  26. The Tiki-Ti Kahuna Kalikimaka

  27. Tiki-Ti 50th Anniversary Mug - Fourth Edition - Green

  28. Tiki-Ti 50th Anniversary Mug - First Edition - Honey Brown

  29. Tiki-Ti 50th Anniversary Mug - Second Edition - Blue

  30. Tiki-Ti 50th Anniversary Mug - Third Edition - Iron Oxide Brown

  31. Tiki-Ti Natural Coconut Mug

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