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Swag Lamp Mug - Second Edition - Green - by THOR - for the Tiki-Ti Tiki-Ti Raging Bull Mug - Third Edition - Red With Light Brown Bar Swag Lamp Mug - by THOR - for The Tiki-Ti Ray Buhen Mug - by THOR - for The Tiki-Ti Tiki-Ti 60th Anniversary Tiki Mug - by SHAG Cobra Fang v2.0 - Buhen Blue Edition - Light Brown with Light Blue Wash - by Tiki Diablo - for Tiki-Ti Cobra Fang v2.0 - I Love Ray Edition - Dark Brown with Green Wash - by Tiki Diablo - for Tiki-Ti Cobra Fang v2.0 - Blood 'N Sand Edition - Brown with Red Wash - by Tiki Diablo - for Tiki-Ti Tiki-Ti 60th Anniversary Bowl - by Eric October Cobra Fang v2.0 - Bloody Tiki Edition - White & Red - by Tiki Diablo - for Tiki-Ti Cobra Fang v2.0 - Green Lizard Edition - Green - by Tiki Diablo - for Tiki-Ti Cobra Fang v2.0 - Sunset Boulevard Edition - Reddish Brown - by Tiki Diablo - for Tiki-Ti Death by Uga Booga - by Munktiki for the Tiki-Ti Hook Mug - Hawaiian Sunset - Tiki-Ti Hook Mug - Emerald Jade - Tiki-Ti Hook Mug - Desert Stone - Tiki-Ti Tiki-Ti Raging Bull Mug - Second Edition - Gloss Black With Light Beige Bar Tiki-Ti Raging Bull Mug - First Edition - Satin Black With Dark Brown Bar Tiki-Ti Scorpion Bowl Brown & Blue Tiki-Ti Ray's Mistake Mug Tiki-Ti 55th Anniversary Tiki Mug Limited Edition Tiki-Ti 54th Anniversary Mug Red Tiki-Ti Scorpion Bowl Brown & Red Tiki-Ti Mai Tai Glass Tiki-Ti Coconut Mug Tiki-Ti 54th Anniversary Mug Green Tiki-Ti 54th Anniversary Mug Light Brown Tiki-Ti 54th Anniversary Mug Dark Brown Tiki-Ti Ashtray The Tiki-Ti Kahuna Kalikimaka Tiki-Ti 50th Anniversary Mug - Fourth Edition - Green Tiki-Ti 50th Anniversary Mug - First Edition - Honey Brown Tiki-Ti 50th Anniversary Mug - Second Edition - Blue Tiki-Ti 50th Anniversary Mug - Third Edition - Iron Oxide Brown Tiki-Ti Natural Coconut Mug

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The Splash-Down – 5 Oct 2022

Four in a row. The Splash-Down’s erstwhile proprietor was at it again. First in line for the Tiki-Ti. I got there about 3:05 on a Wednesday and was there for about 20 minutes or so until a few regulars starting showing up at 3:30pm joined by a few other first timers.

I was rewarded with being first in the door but there were already about 4 ‘friends of the bar’ holding court so I grabbed a seat at the far end of the bar and was joined by a regular next to me. This proved useful as the Wednesday’s opening hours see a Ray’s Mistake on happy hour for $9. If that’s good enough for a regular it was good enough for me! Next up I sampled a ‘Tiki Ti Special’ but by this time I had noticed folks paying with cards. Wait a minute I thought this place was cash only?? I’d actually specifically visited the FX shop to get some US dollars with this place in mind!

So with credit open to me I added a lamp mug, t-shirt and bar mat to my order! The place was absolutely packed and I got chatting to a few other patrons from Australia (Brisbane in this case) as well as a tiki fan from Kansas City (Mo.). I nursed the special for a while and then ordered my final drink where I decided to see their painkiller. It was nice - but seemed totally different to the version I make at home. My favourite was probably the Special but Ray’s Mistake was a super refreshing drink to start with.

By this time I was ready for an explore so I gave up my seats to my compatriots (David was also shipping out) and went for an explore of all the nooks in this petite bar. From a decor perspective I LOVED their lamps. The bar itself was great with all the thatch and the place was filled with all sorts of interesting items.

After leaving I was able to have a good chat with the Tiki Ti’s proprietor Mike while I waited for my Uber (he was having a break outside as well). It was a wonderful initiation into a Tiki institution. I am very glad to have visited and would again highly recommend having this on your itinerary- but who am I kidding. It’s the freakin’ Tiki Ti of course it’s on your itinerary!!

Trader Tom – 24 Mar 2016

I was here for their 55th anniversary mug release. I've been here numerous times over the years but I've never been a regular. I think the first time I went might have been in 2006 after attending an event at Wacko's Soap Plant Gallery nearby. This was back in the smoking days! Their drinks always look so impressive with all the foam on top. I think they use Frothee or some other product. Used to get the Lemon Heart Lemon Heads all the time. Delicious!

The Tiki Barber – Date: Unknown

Loved seeing a part of true tiki bar history. Had the famous Ray's Mistake and the Oogah Boogah

CaptainNemo – Date: Unknown

A lovely time in one of the all-time great Tiki bars! Such a friendly crowd. Had the Ray's Mistake (a new favorite) and the Bayanihan (also quite delicious). Next time I have to try the Blood and Sand, if only to see that little mechanical bull run across the bar. Toro! Toro! Toro!

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