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12 Tiki Mugs

7 Visits

YuKonTiki – 20 Apr 2024

Second visit of the trip, but came with the family and had food this time. I had a Vic’s Top Shelf Mai Tai and ate an Iniki Burger and some wings.

YuKonTiki – 12 Apr 2015

My first time at Tiki Iniki! I had a Mai Tai (1944 Trader Vic’s recipe) and bought a mug and a t-shirt.

YuKonTiki – 18 Apr 2024

The kitchen was closed for cleaning, so we were only able to have cocktails. I had The Iniki which was served in a gold house mug. I loved it so much I bought the mug.

DeltaTikiphile – Date: Unknown

Great Tiki Bar! The second best we've been to - rivaling the great Golden Tiki in Vegas... but completely different. Tiki Iniki is more like a grass hut, and it seems like a stiff wind could blow it away (which is ironic, considering the name). It's filled with Tikis and Hawaiian what-not, and is a great place to sit on an afternoon or evening with the island breeze blowing through. The drinks are great, the food is great, and the staff was friendly. They serve many of their drinks in tiki mugs, and several are available for purchase. We love Kauai, and usually stay on the south side of the island, but we've decided that next time we're staying on the north side - to be nearer to Tiki Iniki. LOL.

Jamerson – Date: Unknown

Great visit. Friendly bartender. Excellent drinks.

Sukielau – Date: Unknown

DrThundr – Date: Unknown

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