The Tropics - Denver

Denver, Colorado, United States

This was a well-known pre-tiki burlesque nightclub with an exotic tiki/jungle theme that opened around the late 1940s and ran through the 50s.

Inside there were hourly thunder storm sound effects.

A very large tree branch on the ceiling with moss on it had little twinkling white lights hidden here and there.

The dance floor was hydraulic and could be lifted up for shows.

A big bird cage came down out of the ceiling above the dance floor for special shows with signature dancers inside.

There were tiki masks on the back walls that had black lights on them.

There was a lighted alligator pit in one back corner of the club.

The chairs had an animal skin prints on them, and the girls that worked there had animal skin printed bikini suits on with one shoulder strap.

Many headliners in music, comedy, and burlesque played here over the years. Blaze Starr in her leopard skin outfit below was just one honorable mention...

Today, this location is home to The Stone, a Recreational Cannabis Dispensary

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