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jrob236 – Date: Unknown

This is a fantastic little gem of a bar. First off, they are very small so reservations are required for any visit. The staff is incredibly friendly and very knowledgeable. The drinks were phenomenal! They have their recipes down pat and there wasn't a cocktail we didn't enjoy. They do have a secret menu with a few beverages that aren't on the regular menu, so be sure to ask. The high end Mai Tai served in a Spam can is one of them and it was one of my favorites. The atmosphere is perfect classic Tiki and you can tell they have been collecting for a long time. Without a doubt a must if you are in or near Jacksonville.

Brad Carson – Date: Unknown

Ate in the "Snuggler's Cove" and got to meet Trader Blake and Secret Tiki Tommy. Great time chatting tiki, good drinks, and great food. Patiently awaiting the release of their new Peacock Chair mug.

Tatdiver – Date: Unknown

Sukielau – Date: Unknown